Need a laugh? This corny Chick-fil-A rap music video is everything

3:59 p.m Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 National/World News

Comedian Jaron Meyers has a new fan jam for Chick-fil-A lovers everywhere.

The Kansas City, Missouri, worship leader produced a hilarious rap music video as an ode to the franchise’s customer service last month.

Appropriately titled “My Pleasure,” the video features Meyers dressed as a devoted Chick-fil-A employee going the extra mile to satisfy his customers — including mowing their lawns and saving them from burning cars.

Meyers also incorporates some light religious themes throughout the number. Here’s the hook: “It is my pleasure to serve you/We’re servin’ the chicken the Lord’s way/Unless it’s a Sunday, it’s my pleasure to serve you.”

People were definitely into it.

According to his website, Meyers is currently on tour performing at colleges, churches, comedy clubs and more all over the country. Find out if he’s visiting your city at

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