MARTA bus blocks feed of Georgia Dome implosion at worst possible time

2:51 p.m Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 Neighborhoods

Hundreds of people looked on in person as the Georgia Dome fell Monday. 

Many of those onlookers recorded the big moment for those who couldn’t be there, and for posterity. 

But footage was heavily marred for one very unhappy cameraman when a MARTA bus rolled into view and hit the brakes. 

The cringe-worthy video was also posted on Twitter Monday morning, with James Crugnale lamenting that he’d been streaming the Dome for 40 minutes before the bus stopped in front of the camera as it imploded. 

And what does MARTA have to say about all this? 

“Given the potential dangers of bringing down the largest structure of its kind... If this is the biggest story, we’re really glad about that,” Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Goldie Taylor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Over on Twitter, Taylor “sincerely apologized” on MARTA’s behalf for ruining the live shot.

Then, she trolled. 

Watch the implosion of the historic Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
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