Home intruders get more than they bargain for in Atlanta

Home intruders get more than they bargain for in Atlanta

Two suspects in an Atlanta home invasion were arrested Saturday night after being shot and beaten by the homeowner during the invasion, according to police.

Marques Hurley and Jabril Meyers were charged with burglary, armed robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, cruelty to animals and aggravated assault, according to Atlanta Police spokeswoman Kim Jones. The homeowner’s dog was shot during the invasion.

Police found the two injured men after they had fled the scene. Hurley had been severely beaten. Meyers had been shot in the chest. The two men were discovered when the police were responding to a call that shots had been fired.

“My partner is up the street,” Hurley told the officers shortly after they arrived. “He got shot, man.”

The officers found Meyers in another location. Here’s how the story unfolded, according to Jones:

The police followed a bloody trail to a house on McDill Avenue where they found a dog in a cage with gunshot wounds, two semi-automatic weapons and the homeowner Braddon Robbins and two friends. Robbins told police he was outside his home earlier that evening when he was approached by a man he knew as “Curly” who asked him if he wanted to buy a television. Curly was later identified as Meyers. Robbins offered to give Meyers $150 for the TV. Meyers said he needed more and Robbins went inside his home to get the money. When he came back to the door, Meyers was holding a gun through the door and told Robbins to open the door or he would kill him. Meyers and Hurley then entered the home. Robbins said he got the gun away from Meyers and ran to the back of his home. Meyers grabbed another gun from his bag and began firing at Robbins. Meyers then shot Robbins’ dog . Robbins responded by shooting Meyers. He then yelled at Hurley to drop his gun, when Hurley did Robbins began beating Hurley. The two suspects later fled in a Green Ford Taurus which ended up in an accident. Robbins’ friends corroborated his story.

Hurley and Meyers were placed in custody at Grady hospital once the police realized what had happened.

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