Buy a diamond, get a gun


Buy a diamond, get a gun

The juxtaposition of diamonds and guns may seem a bit peculiar on the surface, sort of like Britney Spears judging musical talent or Dr. Phil writing a diet book.

Even the man behind this unique promotion, which continues through Saturday, was a bit circumspect at first, but now Mike Geller is sold.

“It makes some sense when you think about it,” said the owner of D. Geller and Son Jewelers, which has two locations in Cobb County. The store is giving away a voucher for hunting rifles with any purchase of $,2499 or more, which appeals to its mostly male customer base.

The promotion comes just in time for deer hunting season, which begins Oct. 20, giving outdoorsmen a chance to kill two birds with one bullet.

“The first customer we had in today saw the billboard and decided to go ahead and buy that diamond ring,” Geller said.

He’s even had a few female customers take advantage of the rifle giveaway.

D. Geller is not the first diamond retailer to use guns as a promotional tool. A store in Eau Claire, Wisc., offered customers a similar two-fer recently before Valentine’s Day.

Geller said there’s been “a couple” of complaints but, so far, business has been brisk.

“We’ll definitely be doing this again,” he said.

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