Acworth man accused of putting Roundup weed killer in co-worker’s water

Acworth man accused of putting Roundup weed killer in co-worker’s water

He said he wasn’t trying to kill his co-worker, only “mess with him.” But a Cobb County man was arrested and charged with four felonies for allegedly putting weed killer into his co-worker’s water bottle several times, according to police.

Anthony Gerald Dunton, of Acworth, was arrested Saturday and charged with four counts of aggravated assault, Cobb jail and arrest records showed.

Dunton allegedly “placed amounts of concentrated Roundup brand weed and grass killer in victim’s unattended water bottle while at work,” the warrant states. It happened four or five times at the Novis Pointe Road business where the two worked, according to Acworth police.

Dunton’s co-worker noticed his water tasted odd and that it foamed when shaken, he told police. The co-worker set up a a camera in his office and obtained two videos from two different days showing Dunton entering the office, removing the water bottle, and returning it moments later, according to police.

In one video, Dunton could be seen wiping the bottle remove fingerprints before returning it to his co-worker’s desk, police said.

“When interviewed, the accused admitted to placing a small amount of liquid Roundup weed killer in the victim’s water bottle on four to five occasions,” the warrant states. “The accused claimed he did not want to kill the victim, only ‘mess with him.’”

Dunton’s co-worker was not seriously injured, but sought treatment after experiencing kidney pain, according to police.

Dunton was released from jail after posting $15,000 bond, records showed.

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