Jonesboro woman shot in possible domestic dispute


Jonesboro woman shot in possible domestic dispute

A 44-year-old Jonesboro woman was shot Thursday evening in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy on Tara Boulevard in what Clayton County police are describing as a “domestic-related incident.”

Deborah Rahmen, 44, was taken to Atlanta Medical Center. Her condition was not known. Eddie Mack Allison, 50, was charged Thursday evening with aggravated assault, according to Clayton Police Lt. Robert Maddux. Allison’s address was not given. It was unclear if the two were married or how they knew each other.

Witnesses said shortly after shooting the woman, Allison calmly got on his cellphone and could be heard saying “I just shot her.” One witness said Allison told her he called the police. The shooting, which occurred at the CVS at the corner of Tara Boulevard and Tara Road, sent people running for cover.

Michael Martin said he had just left the CVS and was backing out of his parking space when a dark red Toyota truck pulled up blocking him in. The truck also blocked Rahmen’s grey Ford.

“I was getting ready to get out of my car to see why he just pulled in like that and as I was exiting my car, I heard the first pop. It was a weird pop,” said Martin who lives in Hampton. “Once I got out of the car I heard him say “I’ll kill you!” and then he shot her two more times.

Martin said he could hear the victim saying “Help me! Help me!”

Rahmen’s mother who was in the passenger seat jumped out of the car and ran into the CVS yelling “He’s shooting my daughter!” Meanwhile Allison paced back and forth in front of the CVS and waited until the police came.

“After he shot her, he was calm,” Martin said. “I was expecting him to jump in his truck and take off.”

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