City of LaVista Hills would be financially fit


City of LaVista Hills would be financially fit

The proposed city of LaVista Hills would be financially feasible, with a government that’s able to afford several services and maintain a $1.7 million annual surplus, according to a study by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute.

Voters will decide whether to create the city during a November referendum, and if approved it would provide police, parks, planning, zoning, business development and road maintenance services. The city would be located mostly inside I-285 in north-central DeKalb County.

No tax increase would be needed to fund the 67,500-person city’s annual expenses of about $34.5 million, or $511 per person, according to the study. The city would gain revenue in large part from insurance premiums, utility fees and property taxes that currently pay for county-provided services.

“The UGA analysis confirms what we already knew, that LaVista Hills will provide increased services with no new taxes,” said Allen Venet, a chairman for LaVista Hills Yes.

Police would be the city’s most significant annual expenditure, costing nearly $10 million to pay for 104 officers. LaVista Hills Yes, which is advocating for cityhood and paid for the study, said in a statement that would represent a three-fold increase in the number of officers on patrol in the area.

The city would have a median household income of $59,200, which is significantly higher than the $36,000 median household income in unincorporated DeKalb as a whole, according to the study.

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