Ten reasons why a career in the skilled trades might be right for you


Ten reasons why a career in the skilled trades might be right for you


No high school diploma? No problem. You can take free classes to earn a GED to get you into college programs or a better job. See www.tcsg.edu/ged.php.

A Technical Certificate of Credit (3-6 months) from one of Georgia’s technical colleges will get you started.

A diploma (18 months) or associate’s degree (two years) will increase your job opportunities and pay.

With night classes at technical colleges or through union apprenticeship programs you can work and go to school to earn as you learn.

With skills and experience you can start your own construction, plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning or other kind of skilled-trades business.

For more information, visit www.gobuildgeorgia.com.



1. You like working with your hands. As a child you were good at puzzles, building things or making models. You wanted to take things apart to see how they worked. You like working with tools. In your family, you’re the go-to-guy (or gal) for repairing things.

2. You like to use your mind to solve problems and fix things. You pay close attention to details and can follow instructions.

3. You get deep satisfaction from completing a project and knowing it is well-done.

4. You learn better by doing than by listening to lectures or memorizing information. You enjoyed labs in high school. You’re willing to practice until you get something right.

5. The thought of sitting in front of a computer in an office all day bores you. You’d rather be outside or using your skills in a variety of settings and locations.

6. You’re tired of dead-end jobs and would like the skills to enter a real career.

7. You’ve always had a passion for trains, trucks, planes or construction heavy machinery. Being the person who can keep them moving would be fun and satisfying.

8. Your industry is declining and you’d like a stable career where you know your work is needed and can’t be shipped overseas or replaced by technology.

9. You need to get into the job market quickly and start earning immediately.

10. You’re a self-starter with entrepreneurial skills.

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