EDU Atlanta by the numbers: A short introduction


EDU Atlanta by the numbers: A short introduction


Hello reader! Welcome to the new EDU Atlanta for Sunday, June 15 2014.


You can look forward to 11 issues each year, all about the questions and challenges adults face when going back to school, whether that means getting a certification, starting on an associate’s degree, or working toward a graduate degree. We’ll focus on resources and offer ways you can make things better and easier for yourself.


790,000 Atlanta adults plan to take adult continuing education classes or go back to school in the next year.

1.2 million

1.2 million Atlanta adults have some college education but no degree. How do you know when you’re ready to get back into the game? And how do you go about it? EDU Atlanta can help with how-to guides, profiles of “non-traditional” students who are succeeding, and tips for staying in school once you’re there.


2 Georgia political parties agree – empowering adults who want to further their education is critical to our state; not just to individuals, but to our economy and standard of living as well.


You’re one person, but you’re not in it alone. Check in with EDU Atlanta every month and stay in touch.

Next Page: Please enjoy this month's featured article from EDU Atlanta by Laura Raines, For women in technology, a little support goes a long way. Or you can enjoy the full issue in PDF form

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