Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin, charged with domestic violence


Sarah Palin's son, Track Palin, charged with domestic violence

On the eve of Sarah Palin’s big endorsement of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, police arrested her 26-year-old son domestic violence charges, according to Alaska court records.

Officers in Wasilla, Alaska, charged Track Palin with fourth-degree assault, interfering with a report of a domestic violence crime and possession of a weapon while intoxicated, records from Alaska’s Third Judicial District Court showed.

According to an affidavit and criminal complaints obtained by KTVA, Wasilla Police Officer Andrew Kappler found Track Palin outside the home he shares with his parents while responding to a reported domestic disturbance around 10 p.m. Monday. His eyes appeared to be injured and bloodshot, Kappler said.

"He was uncooperative, belligerent and evasive with my initial line of questions," he wrote in an affidavit.

Kappler went to Palin’s home after a 911 caller reported a man punched her in the face during an argument. The woman was later identified as Track Palin’s girlfriend of one year.

While Kappler headed to the scene, Track Palin called 911 to say his girlfriend was drunk, according to police.

Track Palin kept telling Kappler he didn’t know his girlfriend’s whereabouts. Another officer found her hiding and crying underneath a bed inside the home, Kappler said.

Although he remained argumentative, Track Palin eventually told police he and his girlfriend had argued about her keeping in touch with an ex-boyfriend.

"This angered Palin," Kappler wrote. "He stated that they had been arguing for most of the night."

Speaking with another officer, Track Palin’s girlfriend said she had threatened to call the police to keep her boyfriend from touching her. At one point he punched her in the head.

"(The victim) got down on the ground in a fetal position because she didn’t know what else he would do," Kappler wrote. "Palin then kicked (the victim) on the right knee."

He allegedly threw her cell phone outside, apparently breaking it. After she retrieved the phone and got back in the home, she found Track Palin armed with an AR-15 rifle.

"’Do you think I won’t do it?’" he asked his girlfriend, according to the affidavit.

"(The victim) stated that Palin ‘cocked the gun’ and was holding the barrel just away from his face, pointed to the side," Kappler wrote.

Track Palin was arraigned Tuesday, according to KTVA. His bond was set at $1,500.

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