#FindDorie: Arrest made in stolen service puppy saga

#FindDorie: Arrest made in stolen service puppy saga

A service puppy from Milton may finally see justice.

Dorie, a 3-month-old puppy, was found Sept. 14 after being stolen from her kennel a week before. Now police say they’ve made an arrest.

John Henry Sears, 34, faces charges of false statements and writings by the Milton Police Department.

Police believed early on that Dorie was stolen by someone who knew his or her way around the Canine Assistants facility. Grace Murphy, spokeswoman for Canine Assistants, said Sears was associated with the organization.

Sears was released on a $500 bond Thursday morning.

Murphy said the Golden Retriever was unharmed and is doing great. Dorie has about a year and a half left in her training before she will be placed with a recipient.

The organization will be implementing new security measures for staff, volunteers and visitors following the incident.

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