BeeLux uses local Georgia bees to produce natural skincare line


BeeLux uses local Georgia bees to produce natural skincare line

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BeeLux offers natural face toners for a presale price of $10.

Organic skincare is in right now. People aren't just worried about what they are putting in their bodies; they also care what they put on their bodies. Georgia brand, BeeLux offers holistic beauty products infused with, you guessed it, honey and several other natural ingredients. The brand wants to encourage people to embrace natural self-care.

Owner Ashley Johnson created BeeLux because she was living an all-natural lifestyle and couldn't find brands with ingredients that were familiar to her, so she decided to create them. Johnson decided to use honey in her products after learning about different types of honey at the farmer's market. She sources her honey from local Georgia bees to create her magnificent skincare products. Her ingredients are simple and come from the earth to provide the most natural products. From bath products to face and hair products, BeeLux has it all. Johnson wanted to start a company that produced "clean, crisp, effective products that were created with the consumer in mind." It is also an affordable brand with items ranging from $8 to $35.

The Bumble Butter moisturizer is Johnson's best-seller and offers a natural SPF perfect for summer's beaming sun. "It's light, fluffy and lasts forever," says Johnson. If you have eczema, Bumble Butter, as well as some of her other products, is said to help remedy the symptoms that come with the skincare issue. "I started BeeLux to focus on natural apothecary, and hearing that something you created is out there healing ailments will always be satisfying," Johnson said. The Goddess Scrub is another popular item that helps remove dead skin while you bathe. It also adds moisture. For acne-ridden skin, the Chaotic Face Scrub might be a good option for you. Honey and tumeric help combat acne and cleanse your skin. BeeLux also offers a feminine wash that won't disturb your pH levels.

Johnson's products are for everyone, men and women. Mommies-to-be even have products. The Mama To Bee Butter is an alternative natural product that helps prevent stretch marks. Hair not smelling too fresh? BeeLux has a product for that, too. The Hair Perfume is also known as "the smoker's secret" to help absorb odors with light citrus blends. Another cool product is BeeLux's Yoga Mat Spritz that helps disinfect yoga mats but also doubles as a room and linen spray. All of the BeeLux products are safe to use and have no harmful chemicals.

By the end of the summer, Johnson plans to complete BeeLux's full line of body, skin and hair products. "I want to make natural goods a little bit more fun with a lot more healing," she said. BeeLux's line is constantly expanding, with new items added after they're tested sufficiently. BeeLux also rotates various scents. The current limited edition scent is Ginger Peach.

While BeeLux products are available exclusively online, Johnson said she is shopping boutiques to distribute the brand.

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