Modern, quirky designs add personality to chicken coops


Modern, quirky designs add personality to chicken coops

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The wooden “Chick Inn” sign is handmade and has versatile hanging options in the coop or inside your home. Contributed by Urban Fringe Living

Chickens are increasingly coming home to roost in coops that reflect urban living instead of a barnyard eyesore. With the availability of accessories and design structures out there, if your coop looks like a chicken coop, then you’ve got some decorating and updating to do.

These five chicken coop items and accessories can add a modern, yet homey feel to your flock’s living space. Some items are available through online retailers and in-store locations. You can learn more about raising chickens and chicken coops in the Chicks in the City Symposium at the Atlanta History Center March 26.

1. The Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Coop Door by Randall Burkey Co. (, $289.99) eliminates walking in the rain or rushing home to let the chickens out of their coop. Doors automatically open and close in the morning and evening by a magnet. You can choose between the solar or plug-in power source kit, which also includes a battery. Its weather-proof, aluminum material attaches to the exterior of the coop with four screws.

2. Many confined flocks enjoy the Chicken Swing from My Pet Chicken (, $29.95). The swing distracts them from pecking at each other or getting bored in the coop. The rope attached to the swing is 16.26 inches long and can be securely buckled to a sturdy beam inside the coop. It’s important to leave room for the chickens to walk under the swing once it’s hung, according to the company.

3. A handmade, wooden “Chick Inn” sign from Urban Fringe Living (, $36) adds rustic flare to a chicken coop. Because the sign is handmade, each is unique in its grain and distress. Hang the sign with the included sawtooth hanger, hooks and jute, or display it on a shelf.

4. The Precision Pet Garden Top Chicken Coop allows space for both a garden and a chicken coop in your yard. The coop has a rooftop garden design that provides sound insulation in rainstorms. It also has several doors and a ramp to access the second level. A fence surrounds the wood framing of the coop, reducing the chance of your chickens escaping. The garden top coop is 47 inches high, 78 inches long and 32 inches wide. On sale for $419.99 at; full price $559.99.

5. The modern-style Sweeter Heater Coop and Brooder Heater from My Pet Chicken (, $96) keeps up to 85 chicks warm in the coop. Unlike higher-wattage heat lamps, this heater only reaches up to 185 degrees, producing a gentle heat and reducing the likelihood of fires in the coop. Heaters come in several sizes, ranging from 11-by-11 inches to 11-by-40 inches. There are no dials, and the temperature that reaches the chicks is controlled by adjusting the height on the overhead mount.

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