Fourth of July: parent’s guide to kid-friendly fireworks

3:38 p.m Friday, June 23, 2017 Kids and Parent news, info, and things to do

This Fourth of July, don’t let your children become victims to fireworks accidents and malfunctions.

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According to, it’s common for kids to suffer burns, lacerations or even partial finger amputations when handling sparklers, novelty devices or aerial devices.

Children are also more than twice as likely to be injured by fireworks.

But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to skip out on exciting fireworks displays this Independence Day.

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Safety tips

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
A boy uses sparklers during celebrations of the Lunar New early on February 19, 2015 in Beijing, China.

The National Fire Protection Association advises against using consumer fireworks, including sparklers and firecrackers.

While sparklers may seem harmless, they can actually cause third-degree burns.

Sparklers also account for more than 25 percent of emergency room fireworks injuries.

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But if you are going to be using consumer fireworks, abide by the following safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety:

The bottom line: A child should never light a firework.

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Alternatives to fireworks for kids

Party Poppers

Instead of metal sparklers, you can use bamboo sparklers, because bamboo doesn’t heat up the same way.

But there are still plenty of fun, creative ways to celebrate the holiday aside from lighting any type of fireworks. 

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Use glow sticks, pull out some silly string, purchase some party poppers or bring out the bubbles.

Or try this nifty “Fireworks in a Jar” science experiment to keep the theme going:

More fireworks arts and crafts at Pinterest.