Ellen surprises two Emory students in a big way 


Ellen surprises two Emory students in a big way 

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Felicia Kane and Jaime Guberman, students at Emory University, instantly connected over their mutual love of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

They watch the show every night before going to sleep. They wrote in hoping to attend a taping of the show. But the Jaime and Felicia were in for a much bigger surprise when Daytime host Ellen DeGeneres called up the two close friends during her '12 Days of Christmas' giveaways to join her on stage.

Felicia Kane and Jaime Guberman on ““The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Not only did Ellen tell the giddy pals she was giving them all of the the gifts from Day 6 of her 12 Days of Giveaways, she also invites the two friends to dress up as elves to help give away the prizes.

Felicia said she and Jaime have been watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show!” every night since middle school. They were thrilled to meet Ellen in person. 

“From her energy to her enthusiasm, kindness, and humor, Ellen is everything you see on TV and more – she lights up an entire room. We are so grateful for this entire opportunity,” Felicia said in a Facebook message. 

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