Will Taylor Swift debut a 'Thriller'-esque music video Sunday?


Will Taylor Swift debut a 'Thriller'-esque music video Sunday?

Over the last week, Taylor Swift has been teasing her new music video for the song "Bad Blood" on her Instagram account. The pop-star has been posting 'Sin City'-style portraits of characters who will be in the video with brief descriptions about their roles. The star-studded, mostly female cast includes models Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, her good friend Karlie Kloss as well as Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Lena Dunham and many more. All the posters have been collected for viewing below.

The music video will debut at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. The comparison to "Thriller" comes from Michael Jackson's revolutionary music video that was presented as a short film; with the trail of clues Swift has left online thus far, it's hard to envision the whole lot of characters are clearly presented in just the song's 3:32 length. The director for the video is Joseph Kahn, who also directed Swift's "Blank Space" video, which was also a talker.

How do you see this one playing out?

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