Lorde, where art thou?


Lorde, where art thou?

Lorde, the song-slaying ethereal beauty, is now 18 — a grown woman who is expected to contribute to society, right? And we haven't heard music from her since last year's "Hunger Games" anthem "Yellow Flicker Beat," which makes us ask: Why hath the Lorde left us lost in a world of pop princesses? (Video via Republic Records / Lorde)

Lorde is set to appear on an upcoming track called "Magnets" with Disclosure. The English EDM duo released a preview of the song last week, hoping to build anticipation for its release Friday. But that's not all, folks. (Video via Republic Records / Lorde)

The New Zealand native also made a vocal cameo with the nation's All Blacks rugby team. As if you could love her more, she sang to raise awareness for Batten disease. Although the song was meant for a good cause and mentioned laser-beamed-mounted unicorns, it's still pretty catchy.

Perhaps it's all vocal warm-up for her own material. Lorde recently posted a couple photos implying she's recording musiceven captioning this photo on Twitter, "working in the studio all day and then popping your head out at the after party like 'what did i miss.'"

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