Kid Rock sings new ode to whiskey and America


Kid Rock sings new ode to whiskey and America

On Sunday night, artist Kid Rock released his latest song, "Ain't Enough Whiskey,” exclusively online a day ahead of its official release on iTunes.

The song was released to Rare, a website which bills itself as "America’s Newsfeed." Cox Media Group owns Rare, and also owns this website.

The song, which will appear on the album "First Kiss," due out Feb. 24 on Warner Bros. Records, finds Rock delivering his strongest political message yet, as the Detroit legend expounds upon what's pissing him off in American politics.

"Talk about freedom, talk about faith, they talking ’bout taking my guns away," Rock sings.

"Talk about spending, talk about pay, they talk about defending the NSA."

In 2014, Rock gave a preview of the album to Rolling Stone, and talked about the inevitable backlash of people disagreeing with his political views.

"It's not going to be considered politically correct," Rock said of "Ain't Enough Whiskey."

"But it says what's going on."

In January, Rock opened up about what inspires his political beliefs, telling the Guardian, that he is "definitely a Republican," who leans to "the middle on social issues."

For those who can't wait until Feb. 24, Rock's new album is available for pre-order on iTunes and Anyone who pre-orders the album will immediately have access to album cuts, "First Kiss," "Jesus and Bocephus" and on Tuesday, "Ain't Enough Whiskey."

Kid Rock is scheduled to perform at the Daytona 500 pre-race show on Feb. 22 and in venues around the country this summer.

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