Are these the best beverages to wash down barbecue?


Are these the best beverages to wash down barbecue?

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Swee tea, the house wine of the South

Barbecue is serious business. There is so much to quibble about — where to find the best joint, who has the best sauce and even the best side dishes.

And finally, attention is being given to the best beverage to pair with barbecue. The options are endless, but Southern Living has narrowed it down:

The South’s five best barbecue beverages

5. Beer: Whether you're in the mood for a local favorite or a craft variety, you can’t go wrong with cold suds. 

4. Big Red soda: Made in Texas since 1937, the soft drink is recognized as the No. 1 selling red soda. This super-sweet cream soda is a surprisingly smooth companion.

3. Red Rock strawberry soda: Bottled in Atlanta, a city where Coca-Cola rules, the beverage has managed to make quite the impression. The Red Rock line includes cola and ginger ale, but the strawberry version seems to be a favorite. 

2. Cheerwine: It's the official drink of the National Barbecue Association and has been quenching thirsts for more than 100 years. The cherry-flavored soft drink plays nicely with smoky barbecue.

1. Sweet tea: No matter how you prefer your barbecue, there’s no arguing when it comes to the house wine of the South. 

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