Who’s hiring?


Who’s hiring?

You don’t have to have clinical skills to work in the health care sector. MedAssets, one of the nation’s top 100 health care information technology companies (according to Healthcare Informatics Magazine) is headquartered in Alpharetta. They are looking for skilled employees from a variety of backgrounds.

MedAssets is a performance improvement company focused on helping health care organizations become more financially and operationally efficient in order to better serve their communities. “We’re growing our business model based on what you read in the newspaper every day,” said Robin Wrinn, vice-president of corporate operations. “The current health care model isn’t working. We help hospitals improve their systems and be more sustainable.”

Founded in 1999, the company has grown to 3,200 employees and 15 office locations. Almost 600 employees work in the Alpharetta location.

“We’re a transformative company in a transformative industry,” said Chad Godhard, vice-president of talent acquisition. “We primarily have two business segments. One focuses on the supply chain/purchasing side to help hospitals procure supplies at lower costs. On the revenue side, we help health care providers bill and get reimbursed in a more timely and accurate way.”

MedAssets regularly recruits at Georgia Tech, UGA, Georgia State and other colleges.

“We currently have between one and two hundred open positions that span many functional areas,” said Godhard. “We are looking for people with software development, sales and marketing, financial and accounting, supply chain logistics, purchasing and consulting skills.” The company hires new and experienced workers with business, computer science or accounting bachelor and/or master’s degrees.

“Clinical skills or health care experience are a plus for some of our consulting and management roles, but you don’t have to have a health care background to be an attractive candidate,” said Godhard.

The company seeks people who like to figure things out and solve problems either individually or on teams in a high-energy, fast-paced environment. “We also look for people with strong character who model our core company core values,” said Godhard.

“We have fantastic leaders who take seriously their responsibility to make other people’s lives better and a highly-engaged workforce,” he said. The company develops its employees. About 30 percent of positions are filled internally.

It also promotes wellness through its Live Well Program (there’s a fitness center on site in the Alpharetta office) and community involvement. MedAssets founded Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that provides transition and career placement assistance to military veterans and their spouses. Through corporate sponsorship and fundraisers it has helped 2,300 veterans gain employment skills, medical treatment and financial support.

“Through our Heart and Soul program, we allow our employees to work [on company time] for a non-profit organization of their choice up to 40 hours a year,” said Godhard.

He believes that the company’s size is also a strong selling point. “We’re big enough to have support structures in place, but small enough to allow an individual to make a strong impact on the success of the business and on the country’s economy,” he said.

Applicants can learn more and apply through www.medassets.com/careers/.

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