First Look: 'Magic' chalkboards thrill coffee fans at Disney's new Starbucks

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Starbucks has opened a 3,900-square foot store in Downtown Disney in Orlando.

This new location has all the items you'd expect from your local neighborhood Starbucks - coffee, pastries, coffee, music and coffee.

But this one location has something different - the Magic of Walt Disney has the details of the magic board:

The centerpiece is a 70-inch touchscreen that automatically renders whatever's in front of it into a live chalkboard illustration (like your shadow). When users touch the screen, the video pauses and they can draw on the rendering with their fingers. A Starbucks that recently opened at Downtown Disney in Anaheim is the only other location with this feature; store managers can let the two screens communicate, so customers in the Anaheim café can view, in chalkboard style, what's going on in Orlando, and vice-versa.