Three high school football coaches battling back from COVID-19

Credit: For the AJC

Credit: For the AJC

Head coaches at Statesboro, Tift County and Irwin County high schools are recovering in their battles with COVID-19, although Statesboro’s Jeff Kaiser is back in a Savannah hospital, saying he might be there for a while.

Kaiser was hospitalized overnight and released Sept. 9 but returned Saturday, the coach confirmed to GHSF Daily on Tuesday. “Miss my team,” he said in a text message.

Tift County’s Ashley Anders was released from Tift Regional Medical Center on Tuesday. His wife, Sheri, posted the news on Facebook.

“After 5 days, oxygen is off, sustained 95 for 24 hours, so he is now home!” the post read. “We appreciate all of your prayers. He is still very tired and weak, but Nurse Sheri and Nurse Camden will take good care of him. Please pray that his oxygen level stays at 95!”

Anders texted to GHSF Daily, “I’m doing better, still recovering.”

Irwin County’s Casey Soliday was released from a hospital Monday afternoon after seven days. He also was diagnosed with the flu.

“I feel better and I am breathing better, just really low energy,” Soliday told GHSF Daily via text. “Very glad to be at the house.”

Soliday said he hoped to be back at practice Monday.

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