B-backs on the spot

Georgia Tech opponents often seek to stop the B-back dive play, a staple of the Yellow Jackets’ offense. So it is, then, that Tech will again look to its B-back to keep that quick-hitting plunge into the line productive and consistent. Two years ago, B-back David Sims was learning the position, having moved from quarterback the previous spring. Last year, he fought injuries before a strong finish.

This season, if he can stay healthy and utilize his experience, the Jackets’ chances for success increase considerably. The more that Sims and backups Zach Laskey and Broderick Snoddy grind out yards on dives up the middle and pop the occasional big play, the more defenses have to defend against the dive, which leaves them vulnerable to plays on the perimeter and play-action fakes to the B-back.

Particularly this season, with a new starting quarterback and a wide receiver group that’s fairly green, Tech could use something reliable, namely Sims running behind an experienced offensive line. In the final four games last season, Sims averaged 82.8 yards per game, including a career-high 99 yards in the Sun Bowl against USC. If he can continue that rate, Tech gladly would take it.