Cobb dog trainer facing more animal cruelty charges months after arrest

Dondi Shannon Brinson
Dondi Shannon Brinson

Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Authorities in Cobb County have levied new animal cruelty charges against a dog trainer six months after he was arrested for the same thing.

A new arrest warrant issued April 22 accuses 48-year-old Dondi Shannon Brinson of “maliciously” harming a Dutch Shepherd dog he was supposed to be training.

The dog, who is named Jade, was with Brinson when her leg became tangled in a chain in August 2018, the warrant alleges. The incident caused the dog to fracture her right front leg, “resulting in a permanent disability.”

Following the injury, Brinson allegedly failed to take the animal to a veterinarian or notify her owners of the broken leg.

“This failure to provide adequate and timely veterinary care resulted in the need for the leg to be surgically rebroken so that it could be set in a normal position of function,” the warrant said.

While Cobb jail records show Brinson is not in custody in connection with the most recent incident, he was arrested on two counts of aggravated animal cruelty in November, previously reported.

Brinson was hired to provide obedience training and boarding for “Samson,” a male Malinois dog, in October 2018, according to an arrest warrant issued in March 2019.

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Brinson, “a self-proclaimed professional dog trainer ... did maliciously torture Samson by the infliction of severe and prolonged physical pain, by unjustifiably depriving said dog of adequate food while under his care,” the warrant said.

Investigators said Brinson conducted aggression training with the dog, who fell and fractured his jaw, according to the Cobb County warrant. He also “failed to provide veterinary care for the injury sustained during this incident, which then resulted in permanent disfiguration as well as unnecessary pain and suffering,” the warrant said.

Brinson previously served prison time for aggravated battery charges, Georgia Department of Corrections records. He was convicted in Clayton County in 2011 and served two years, records show.

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