Social media reunites man with lost therapy dog

Six years ago, Nik Glaser adopted Kramer, a goldendoodle.

In addition to being a pet, Kramer has become a therapy dog of sorts.

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"I have clinical anxiety, and I go through phases where it can be overwhelming," Glaser told "With Kramer around, I rarely get to the stage of having panic attacks. He's very intuitive."

"If he sees I'm getting agitated, he'll put his head on my lap or reach out with his paw. It's a subtle thing, but it calms me."

In December, Glaser took a short trip to Seattle for a job interview and left Kramer with a friend who lived near his home.

While he was gone, Glaser rented out his own apartment in Venice, California, on Airbnb.

One morning he was texted by his guest, who said that someone came to the apartment in the middle of the night wanting to drop off a dog.

When the guest said no, the person left with Kramer, the dog.

Glaser contacted his friend and didn't hear back from her for days.

The friend insisted that the dog was at the apartment when he threatened to call the police.

The Airbnb guest told Glaser that the dog was never at the apartment.

"When I first discovered Kramer was missing, I thought, 'Okay, what do people do when this happens?' They hang fliers. They ask around," Glaser said.

"I did file a police report., but one person papering the street was only going to reach so many people. I knew the most powerful way to spread a message quickly was through social media."

So Glaser made an Instagram page and told his friends. Followers grew to nearly 10,000.

Word spread and a Facebook page was made for Kramer, too.

Glaser would check the page for encouragement and follow tips, but he came up short.

Glaser took a new job in Seattle and his last day in Los Angeles was Jan. 31.

He was already in Seattle he when got a call Feb. 2 that Kramer was at a shelter, and he got the first flight he could back to Los Angeles.

"I had a friend spring him from doggy jail while I was in transit, so our first reunion would be at my friend's condo."

Glaser said Kramer looked well-fed, so someone may have been caring for him in the two months he was lost.

The Bring Kramer Home page shared footage of Kramer and Glaser's exciting reunion, but said it is unable to give details on the circumstances because of an ongoing investigation.

Kramer and Glaser have since settled in their new Seattle home.

Watch the reunion in the video below.

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