Thurmond mid-year budget celebrates increased revenue, property tax cuts in DeKalb

Rising property values caused DeKalb County tax revenue to increase beyond initial projection, and CEO Mike Thurmond wants to put the extra money toward reserves.

The county's rainy day fund would increase $14 million to $89 million, according to the mid-year budget that CEO Mike Thurmond presented on Tuesday. The Board of Commissioners must sign off on any adjustments.

In addition to heralding the increased revenue, Thurmond has also been talking up property tax cuts being implemented this year as part of a voter-approved 1-percent sales tax increase. This was part of a package deal that also implemented the SPLOST tax to pay for road paving and capital improvements.

“We are experiencing a harmonic convergence in DeKalb: property values are rising, homeowner taxes are decreasing and the county is poised to make critical investments that will improve our roads, streets, public safety and other infrastructure,” Thurmond said in a statement.