North Fulton OB/GYN clinic drops “ISIS” from name

An international terrorist group and an obstetrics/gynecology clinic seem like very different things. But confusion and threats have caused ISIS Women’s Health Care in north Fulton to change its name, according to people with the practice.

The clinic has no connection to the terrorist group often known as ISIS, said Nekeidra Frederick, the practice’s marketing director.

But callers regularly asked if there was a link.

Clinic staffers explained that the practice's name is tied to a much older Isis, the Egyptian goddess who is connected to healing and motherhood. In recent months, though, the calls and online postings became more frequent and more worrisome, Frederick said. Front desk staff became concerned about their safety, she said.

The clinic’s medical director, Hughan Frederick, said in a press release Tuesday that, “We’ve spent a decade and thousands of dollars perfecting and building our brand in this community, now it’s all out the window. But instead of being sad, we want to turn this into something positive and fun. We’ve had to undergo a complete image change from pamphlets, to websites, to business cards.”

The practice, which includes offices in Roswell and Johns Creek, has begun using a new name: Nile Women’s Health Care.