Readers write: Sept. 7

Kentucky clerk on shaky moral grounds

Non-jihadist Muslims are often criticized for failure to condemn the actions of their fundamentalist religious mates. A great number of Christians condemn the bigoted stance of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for her refusal to follow the civil law she has sworn to uphold (“Who is Kim Davis, the clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses?” News, Sept. 3).

Indeed, her recalcitrance does not represent the views of most Christians. The hypocrisy of this three-time divorcee who birthed two children out of wedlock now somehow claiming the high ground in a debate on morals boggles the mind.

Before describing her in any context of a Christian, please emphasize she is an outlier.


Is Second Amendment sacrosanct?

It seems there is an argument by many conservatives the "intent" of the 14th Amendment should be considered in the question of birthright citizenship. Their line of thinking is that the authors of the amendment could never have anticipated the immigration issue facing our nation, and, therefore, it should be interpreted based upon current situations.

Isn’t it odd this desire to “interpret” based on changing times never applies to the Second Amendment?

I would bet the authors of the Second Amendment would be horrified at how their words have been used to justify the “if everyone had a gun, we’d all be safer” mentality.


Photo of dead child captures sadness

If all the sadness in the world could be wrapped into one picture, the little Syrian boy lying on the beach has done it. There he is with his little feet still sandaled, his red T-shirt still in place and his head and chubby small arms resting on the sand as if he were asleep. “Let the children come unto me,” said the Master and surely this one is with him.

But we have lost one more marvelous creation that God has given us, a little child.


All lives matter in America

Facebook and other media are full of reports concerning cop killings, including the recent one in Harris County, Texas. These reports are sad and repulsive. They speak to how bad things have become in our country in relationships between people. Activists are now shouting “Kill all pigs.”

Have we lost our minds? Folks, all lives count, period. No one race is superior to another.

We have to do something now to solve this serious problem. What is going on in Washington, D.C., about this issue? Seems like reality shows and climate change are more important.

When will our leaders stand up and take action?