Teacher Appreciation Week: Here are a few last-minute gift ideas

It’s the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week and if you have not yet offered some form of appreciation for your child’s teacher, it’s not too late.

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Here are a few ideas – most from teachers – for useful gifts if you would like to recognize the work they do in the classroom.

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From weareteachers.com, a website with tips, deals and advice for teachers, below are a few suggestions from a teacher about what would be lovely to receive as gifts as the school year winds down:

  • A note from students (and former students). One from the heart about the students time in that teacher's classroom.
  • A note from the parents wouldn't hurt either.
  • Supplies would be most appreciated. Teachers dig into their own pockets to come up with things their students need and things that make the learning experience more relevant or just more fun.
  • Coffee is a great gift, the story points out. It gets you through the day.

Some teachers told Money.com that they could use art supplies (again, this is something teachers often pay for out of their own pockets).

You can never go wrong with gift cards. Cards for Amazon or other online products and services is great. Gift cards for local goods and services – nails, coffee, an oil job – are even better.

Some other ideas:

Gift baskets are always nice. Just hold up on all the apple-themed gifts and mugs. It’s probably a good bet that your teacher has more than a few mugs and apple-shaped items. Think “practical.”

Pencils, pens and crayons are always useful. If your child’s teacher has a favorite type of pen – you child will probably know – get him or her a pack of them.

A note to the principal can make someone’s day. If you are going to send the teacher a note of appreciation, either copy it to the principal or send another one to him or her.

Some things you may want to stay away from:

  • As was mentioned earlier, ease up on the mugs and apple-themed gifts. They are thoughtful, but your child's teacher likely has a bunch of them.
  • Knickknacks that have to be displayed or stored.
  • Certain foods may not work as well as others. Something that has to be refrigerated, or, worse, something a teacher is allergic to, could be tricky. Again, check with the teacher, or if there is a room mom or dad try asking them what the teacher might enjoy.

Credit: Matt York

Credit: Matt York