Workouts Atlanta trainers do to really feel the burn


Workouts Atlanta trainers do to really feel the burn

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TRX, a form of strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing, is popular among trainers.

If you're looking for a tough workout, you may wonder what Atlanta trainers do when they really want to feel the burn. The following are some of Atlanta trainers' favorite intense workouts, according to Catherine Luciano, personal training director at Concourse Athletic Club in Sandy Springs.

Battle ropes

Battle ropes provide a good cardio workout combined with full body strength training. They especially target your core and upper body. They're very versatile, since you can do a lot more with the ropes than just moving them up and down. Using different motions will vary the muscles and skills that you're working. Moving the ropes in circles, for example, can increase shoulder mobility and range of motion, and moving them side to side exercises your hips and core.

Metabolic conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is also sometimes called met-con or metabolic training, and it's similar to interval training. It involves activities that take your heart rate up and down, with periods of harder work followed by rest intervals. It's regarded as a time-efficient workout that doesn't get boring, because it involves different types of exercise. In addition, it helps you burn more calories even after the workout and increases your body's production of testosterone and growth hormone, which helps you maintain muscle mass.

"It has lots of different things to keep you going and pushing," Luciano said.

Pilates and yoga

"Pilates is a great way to feel the burn in the core – yoga, too," she said.


Plyometrics, also called "jump training," involves performing a series of jumps and hops. For example, you might jump up onto a box or over cones, or hop on one leg. Your muscles alternate between stretching and contracting, so you're boosting your muscle strength and ability to make explosive movements, as well as your balance and agility.


Trainers like to use the sled by using weights on the apparatus and pushing or pulling it, she said.

It yields a variety of benefits, from developing strength throughout your legs to increasing your core strength. You'll also improve both your aerobic conditioning (which strengthens your heart and lungs) and anaerobic conditioning (high-intensity exercise that causes lactate to form, which promotes strength, speed and power).


TRX suspension training uses your own body weight – from various angles – so you're engaging different muscle groups. It helps build strength and flexibility.

The apparatus was developed by a Navy SEAL, and Luciano recommended it as a great way to work on your core.


ViPR is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that looks a little like a giant foam roller, although it's made out of rubber. It comes in different weights and diameters and is made for functional training.

"It adds strength to movement," Luciano said. "You can throw it, lift it or flip it. It's so versatile, and it's my personal favorite."

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