Carter’s learned nothing from his failed presidency

The article, “Jimmy Carter: I’d change Trump’s policies” about Carter’s annual town hall with Emory freshmen (Metro, Sept. 14) leads with the spellbinding question: “What would Jimmy Carter do if he became president of the United States again?” Among the possible answers, including raising inflation and interest rates into the 10 percent to 15 percent range, bringing back the misery index, releasing any convicted terrorists, opening our borders and quadrupling energy costs, his actual, shorthand answer was, “Change all the policies that President Trump has initiated.” If we needed additional proof Carter hasn’t learned anything since his failed presidency, his answer to that question clinches it. But he at least understands the public speaking rule of knowing your audience. I’m sure the Emory students loved his wisdom-sharing.


Columbus’ voyage was not about ‘discovery’

Napoleon defined that “history is a collection of fables, agreed upon;” deviations are often resisted. Columbus Day is approaching, though some have opted to call it “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Columbus’ 1492 mission was neither “exploration” nor “discovery.” Islamic Spain had been conquered. Aided by the booty acquired, Spanish monarchy enabled Columbus to launch a messianic mission (dictated by Papal bulls), to “invade and capture all Saracens (Muslims), pagans and other enemies of Christ, reduce them to slavery,” and convert to “universalize” Christianity.

In his Book of Prophesies, Columbus describes his apocalyptic vision, having been “chosen” to capture Jerusalem — the clarion call for the Second Coming/Last Judgment. After destroying Mecca and Medina, Prophet Mohammed’s body was to be kidnapped and held ransom to recover Jerusalem. However, the Ottomans prevented that goal. Columbus changed course and accidentally landed in the Bahamas — and thought he had “discovered” India-Indians.

In 1498, Portugal’s Vasco da Gama, also following Papal dictates, pursued a similar mission with his barbaric voyage to India via Africa.

It was all “God’s work.”