Latest Fitbit does more than just tracking fitness

You may have heard of the Fitbit, maybe from coworkers or family members keeping track of their steps or bragging about their sleep. The latest upgrade from Fitbit, the Blaze, does that and more all in a package that looks more like a traditional watch.

Let’s start with the fitness basics: The watch tracks your all-day activity, measuring steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and stationary time. For your workouts, the Blaze features modes for running, biking and cardio, which allow you to track your speed and distance in real-time displays. You can also connect the Blaze to the GPS on your phone to map your routes.

The built-in, heart-rate monitor (no chest strap needed) will track your heart rate and help keep you in the correct zone. You can even use the FitStar function to offer specific workouts with step-by-step instructions from your wrist.

The Blaze can also receive calls, texts, and calendar alerts. You can control the volume of the music on your phone, as well as hit play, pause, or switch songs with a simple tap. And to make sure it looks good with whatever you’re wearing, you can alternate the bands and frames of the watch.