Golden Globe winners head to Atlanta for new movie

Fresh from a big night at the Golden Globes, actors J.K. Simmons and Jeffrey Tambor next will be working on the Ben Affleck movie "The Accountant" in Atlanta.

Tambor claimed a golden trophy for best actor in a television series/musical or comedy for “Transparent.” Simmons won for best supporting actor for the movie “Whiplash” and has received a corresponding Oscar nomination.

Next up is work on “The Accountant,” about “a forensic accountant (who) un-cooks the books for illicit clients,” reports

My colleague, photographer Dave Tulis, happened to be at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas earlier this week when Tambor delivered keynote remarks. Tambor said that for his role in "The Accountant," he'll be fitted for prosthetics to look older and quipped that he couldn't believe a movie actually wanted to age him.

His message to the convention was applicable to people in any profession: You have to fail first, and preferably miserably, in order to grow, he said. And the more mainstream you are, the less you are able to be an effective leader or performer.

“If you are lost and need help, ask for it,” he said. And his parting words before hopping the flight to Atlanta: “Have a great year, make mistakes, knock ‘em dead!”

Serendipitously, I happened to meet one of Tambor's "Transparent" co-stars this week. Zackary Arthur, 8, will appear in "The Fifth Wave," which has been filming for months in metro Atlanta. As things wrapped up, the studio folks brought in a clutch of journalists to meet and greet. Zackary was excited to talk about the movie and positively thrilled for Tambor and for the Amazon show itself, which won best television series/musical or comedy.

“Nah, it wasn’t my fault,” Zackary demurred when we posited that his strong performance sealed the deal at the Golden Globes. “It was Jeffrey Tambor and all the other good actors.”

Like Tambor, he also knows about prosthetics. The Tooth Fairy has come to visit a number of times during “Fifth Wave” production, so the set folks had to design dentition to ensure Zackary’s smile remained the same as his baby teeth fell out. It was a mild but lucrative challenge for the young actor: “I made $5!”