Guitar playing skateboarder on Beltline captures Atlanta’s heart

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The videos of the Atlanta musician Chavis Flagg have gone viral in the last couple of days

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or Twitter recently, odds are you have seen the videos of a guitar-clad skateboarder spreading music and joy along Atlanta’s Beltline trail.

The videos of the Atlanta musician Chavis Flagg have gone properly viral in the last couple of days. On Saturday, the Twitter account Everything Georgia shared a video of Flagg with its 1.5 million followers. The tweet, which read "Name another city where you can be casually walking your dog and run into this...," garnered thousands of retweets and plenty of Atlanta pride.

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With concert venues across the city shuttered amid the pandemic, Flagg decided to share his music for free with those along the Beltline. When the videos started getting widespread attention online, Flagg began donning a T-shirt with his social media handles and cash app info, according to CNN.

His hope is simple: spread some happiness as the city remains in the throes of the coronavirus outbreak.

“It was a little bit depressing, seeing people walking around with their heads down during the pandemic. It's such a joy to be able pull up to somebody and they have no expectation for this to happen. To see their face light up, it brings me joy and I can see why it brings joy to others,” Flagg told CNN.

In a post on Instagram, Flagg said this is just the beginning for him.

“I am truly grateful for all you guys who are supporting me and my platform,” he wrote. “There is more music to come and albums in place. Stay tuned”

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