Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta

224 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta

Serving up spicy Trinidad and Tobago cuisine, Tassa Roti Shop has found a loyal following among Marietta residents with Caribbean roots. But chef-owner Ria Edoo says people come from all over metro Atlanta, and as far away as Tennessee, to sample her righteous cooking.

In the house

Inside the little white house on Powers Ferry Road, the aroma of curry and griddled bread excites the senses, while the laid-back atmosphere invites relaxation. Order at the counter near the back door, find a table in the tidy dining room or out on the homey front porch, and sit back and enjoy some Caribbean music.

Roti time

Derived from a type of Indian bread baked on a tava griddle, roti is a staple in Trinidad, where it’s filled with curried vegetables and meats and folded into a hefty burrito-like wrap.

At Tassa, Edoo makes the popular dhalpuri roti, a flaky flatbread with ground yellow split peas and spices. Order it stuffed with curried potatoes and a choice of savory bone-in or boneless chicken, beef, goat, duck, shrimp, fish or veggies ($6.50-$10). And Edoo gladly will fix other combos for a slight additional charge.

Dinner entrees, served with a house salad, include crisp pan-seared red snapper ($11.99), jerk chicken ($9.50) with rice and peas and sweet fried plantains, and oxtails ($9.99), slow-cooked in gravy with butter beans and fresh herbs.

Budget buffet

While the roti and dinner specials are good bargains, Edoo offers a $6.99 weekday lunch and $7.49 dinner/Saturday buffet that’s beyond budget-friendly. You can even get a to-go version for $4.99 a pound.

The daily steam table selections include 12 items, plus paratha roti, a flatbread made with clarified butter and known as “buss-up-shut” because it’s served in ripped pieces that resemble a “burst up shirt.”

On a recent evening there were three kinds of chicken: mild stewed, spicy curry and hot jerk.

Many of the side items recalled Southern meat-and-three favorites, especially the custardy, crunchy-topped baked macaroni and cheese. Mild creamed spinach and potatoes and chickpeas conjured familiar Indian dishes.

Sauteed green beans and stir-fried cabbage had a surprising peppery kick. And the homemade sweet and hot sauces, including green apple, tamarind and cucumber, were fun to try.

Snacks and sides

A la carte snacks and sides range from jerk wings ($7.50) and macaroni pie ($2.99) to the street treat known as doubles ($2), a flatbread sandwich filled with curried chickpeas that’s often eaten for breakfast. For dessert, there’s usually the likes of dense, moist lemon pound cake.

Dining Out

Tassa Roti Shop

Address, phone: 224 Powers Ferry Road, 770-977-3163

Signature dish: Roti and daily buffet

Entree prices: $6.50-$11.99

Hours: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays; 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays. Closed Sundays.

Credit cards: Yes

Online: www.tassarotishop.com