Support the Butcher’s Guild “Barnraiser” Today at Farm Burger, Spotted Trotter and Pine Street Market

Think you shouldn’t know where that sausage came from? Think again. Stella Dillard (Holeman & Finch Public House), Kevin Outzs (The Spotted Trotter) and Rusty Bowers (Pine Street Market) are working on bringing a chapter of The Butcher’s Guild to the East Coast.

“We want to expose the dark side of the meat processing industry,” said Outzs. “We want people to understand the process of slaughtering, butchering and understand how your meat goes from processing to your plate. If we don’t focus on that, then people don’t know how their food got there.”

Currently, the Guild is working to change the perspective of the meat processing industry through a Barnraiser. The organization is young, launching in 2011, but is building a network of artisanal skilled butchers around the country to engage in cutting edge butcher and slaughter practices.

Dillard, Outzs and Bowers have brought the fundraiser to Atlanta just for today (Thursday July 10.) 10 percent of any profits made at The Spotted Trotter or Pine Street Market will go toward the Barnraiser. George Frangos of Farm Burger is featuring a special for the Barnraiser: "Anderson Farms pork burger w/ Swiss, green cabbage slaw, crispy onions & BBQ sauce."

According to Outz, having a Butcher’s Guild chapter in Atlanta would bring education and updated facilities to the three meat processors in Georgia. “I can see the processing plants moving closer to the city in the next few years,” said Outzs. “That would drive the costs down, and offer even fresher meat, since currently farmers have to drive across the state to get their meat processed.”

If you don’t have a chance to stop by a Farm Burger location, The Spotted Trotter or Pine Street Market, you can donate to the Barnraiser online.

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