Do you have one of the worst passwords of 2017?


Do you have one of the worst passwords of 2017?

Many sites require a password to login. While users are encouraged to make strong choices, some codes still end up stolen. So which combinations are the worst?

SplashData, a company that provides security applications and services, recently conducted a study to find out. By using data from 5 million leaked passwords from users in North America and Western Europe, the site compiled its annual “Worst Passwords of the Year” list.

The No. 1 most used password was “123456”, followed by “Password.” Those two took the top two spots last year, too. 

Third place went to “12345678,” “qwerty” was No. 4 and “12345” was No. 5, which was down two spots from last year. 

While there were several repeats from 2016, there were also some first time offenders on the round-up. One included “starwars,” which was No. 16 and another was “dragon,” which was No. 18. 

So what’s the best way to prevent a hack attack? Researchers recommend using a combination of 12 characters with a mix of upper and lowercase letters. They also suggest changing them for various websites. 

Take a look below for the 20 worst passwords of 2017.

1. 123456  

2. Password  

3. 12345678  

4. qwerty  

5. 12345  

6. 123456789  

7. letmein  

8. 1234567 

9. football  

10. iloveyou  

11. admin  

12. welcome  

13. monkey  

14. login  

15. abc123  

16. starwars  

17. 123123  

18. dragon 

19. passw0rd  

20. maste

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