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How to watch “The South Got Something To Say”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s documentary about Atlanta’s rise is streaming for a limited time

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is spotlighting ATL’s impact on the culture with the premiere of the feature film “The South Got Something to Say.”

The documentary traces the rise of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene from the 1995 Source Awards, where OutKast’s André 3000 sent a message to rappers in New York and California, famously declaring, “The South got something to say.” For the next 30 years, the city and its soundtrack have been intertwined.

Directed by award-winning AJC journalists Ryon Horne and Tyson Horne and written by Ernie Suggs and DeAsia Paige, the film takes a deeper look at Atlanta’s undeniable influence on a global phenomenon, with exclusive interviews from Goodie Mob, Lil Yachty, Baby Tate and many others.

Stream it online

The film debuted Thursday night at Center Stage Theater. Beginning Friday, it’s available for subscribers to stream for free at for a limited time.

Did you miss the premiere event?

The full-length AJC film was shown for the first time Thursday night at Center Stage, capping a daylong series of live panels, interviews, and conversations about the origins and backstory of hip-hop in Atlanta, including artists, executives and journalists who saw it all happen. Read about highlights from the panels by Gavin Godfrey.

Credit: Lauren Hubbard

Credit: Lauren Hubbard

Enjoy these photos from the film premiere

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