A time machine, and gifts that are less realistic

Some of the sports-related holiday wishes that would be appreciated fans would require the magic of a time machine in order to come to fruition. (The New York Times)

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Some of the sports-related holiday wishes that would be appreciated fans would require the magic of a time machine in order to come to fruition. (The New York Times)

Are you tired of holiday gift guides yet? No? Well, we are. So we turned the concept around on readers and invited them to share their sports-related dream gifts. Our editing elves pored over the hundreds and hundreds of submissions and selected the best. Turns out that a lot of our readers really, really want to play golf at a certain course in Georgia.

Donner, Blitzen and ... Rory McIlroy

My dream sports gift would be tickets for the Masters. In a perfect ending, the tournament would come down to a putt at the 18th, where I was sitting. Then I would be invited to Butler Cabin to take part in the green jacket ceremony. That’s a dream gift. — Mike Koczanski

Playing Augusta National in the spring, when the azaleas are in bloom. — Bill Binetti

A round of golf at Augusta National with my dad. — Ted Furniss

Tickets to the Masters. I apply but don’t succeed in getting them. The pro who taught me when I was 14 sets the pins there. I am 83. On my bucket list. — Katy Kane

A foursome at Augusta National. That’s it. — Robert Galvan

My dream gift would be a round of golf at Augusta National. It would be a foursome made up of my dad, brother and nephew. A gift that would last a lifetime. — Jim Rutkowski Jr.

For any golf fan, it has to be tickets to the Masters — all four days and all the practice rounds. Nothing better than seeing the best in the world at Augusta National. — Jeff Skinner

To play 18 holes at Augusta National with Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. — Ernie DiMarzio

A round of golf at Augusta National with my best friends before pancreatic cancer ends my life. — Tom McGuffey

I’d like a membership at Augusta National, please, Santa. — Rick Thompson

My dream sports gift would be to play a round of golf at Augusta National the day after the Masters. — Phil Marbach

Ok, I’ll bite. Take my son, my grandson and Rory McIlroy to Augusta National on a beautiful day in May. Play 18 holes, have a quick lunch and go back out for a second 18 (now that I know the course!). Make it happen, please! — Mike M.

A Brownies fan’s modest dream

Growing up a Cleveland sports fan can be painful, exhausting and, sad to say, depressing at times. Let’s turn to the Browns, or Brownies, as we affectionately call them back home. For over 40 years, I have been ridiculed, although other fans will sometimes give me a slight nod of compassion for my lasting and unwavering loyalty to a team that has failed to bring home a championship.

As the holidays approach, once again Cleveland fans around the world are lovingly packing away their cherished orange and brown clothing, vowing that next year will be our year. You will never, ever find a more devoted fan than a Cleveland fan. So, what would my dream sports gift be? I’m not going to ask that the Browns become Super Bowl champions; I’m just not that greedy anymore. But if they could make it to the AFC championship game, Browns fans around the world would rejoice. Our people could stand a bit taller.

— Cathy

A few precious innings together

In the 1970s, the Yankees would stop checking tickets at the gates after the seventh inning, and you could walk in free and watch the end of the game.

The ushers wouldn’t even mind if you went down to fill in the empty seats by the dugouts, especially if you slipped them a few bucks.

Dad was a handball player at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. He liked baseball, but I wouldn’t call him a fan. In the summer, it felt as if all I did was go to Orchard Beach and watch him play handball.

When I was 10, I started to play baseball, and I picked the Yanks as my team. A few times after handball that summer, we went to the Stadium, walked through the turnstiles and sat right by the Yankee dugout. It was only two or three innings, but the seats were awesome, and I was with Dad instead of watching him all day from the sidelines.

Whether it was Ed Figueroa’s 20th win or a Yankee loss, my dad and I were together. Not for him, but for me.

It lasted only a season or two, but it made for some of the happiest times with my dad that I can remember. We haven’t spoken in almost 10 years; not sure if we ever will again. But a chance to go back and relive those few innings, watching a game with Dad, before life and poor choices would pull us apart, would be priceless.

— David Rodriguez

Exorcising the ghosts of Jets past

The ultimate gift for me, a die-hard 46-year-old Jets fan, would be to see my team in the Super Bowl. Yes, we’ve come close in my life (thanks, Vinny T, and yes, even you, Mark Sanchez), but we’ve never been able to seal the deal. I am now the father of three boys and don’t want them to have to suffer for as long as I have — and no, there is no chance they are allowed to root for another team! The Jets in the Super Bowl might be a Christmas miracle, but hey, it can’t hurt to ask. — Scott Ackerman

Seeing a player dressed in green and white hoisting the Vince Lombardi over his head in victory. Casting aside images of the big-game failures of Richard Todd, Marc Gastineau and Vinny Testaverde. No more images of Joe Walton (with his hat on backward) or Rich Kotite. Relief from first-round draft busts. Give us a worthy quarterback who will let us savor the sweet taste of the ultimate sports victory. Please — 1969 seems like a faded dream. — Steven J. Miller

Ultimate wish list of the sports fan

If you can’t make it come true, then you might as well dream big and out of the box: a time machine to experience a historic sports moment live. Imagine sneaking into the Yankees’ dugout just as Lou Gehrig began to deliver his retirement speech or witnessing the Miracle on Ice as it unfolded. The time machine would self-destruct if I profited from betting on would-be winners (as Biff did in “Back to the Future”) or if I tampered with the outcome of the event (reinflating the deflated footballs, etc.). I am strictly an observer — a traveler of time and space to the best seats to the best sports moments. — Heidi

I think I may have already received my dream sports gift. Last summer, a serendipitous aligning of travel schedules landed a few distant family members in Baltimore on the same weekend. My cousin and I took the train down from New York City and joined her sister, her parents and almost a dozen relatives (all native Baltimoreans) for a Sunday Orioles game. Nothing beats summer baseball, hardly anything beats Camden Yards, and there’s nothing quite like drinking a few cold brews and eating some peanuts while catching up with 13 of your most treasured family members. — Sander

In one calendar year, to attend Sunday of the Masters; the Indy 500; the finals of tennis’ U.S. Open; the Super Bowl; and the final games of the World Series, the Stanley Cup finals and the NBA finals. — Sig Semon

Learning the skills of riding, dressage and jumping at an equestrian center governed by the Fédération Équestre Internationale, and then obtaining a job as a trainer or even competing. — Lilou

As a Drake University graduate, I would take courtside seats to see the Bulldogs beat Duke and win the NCAA basketball championship. I don’t ask for much. — Roger Scott

It’s easy to say tickets to the Super Bowl with all that comes with it or a chance to see two of the fiercest boxers duke it out in Las Vegas. I, however, dream of witnessing in person an Olympic hockey game between the United States and Russia. Both have been a part of numerous historic Olympic contests, most notably the Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid in 1980 and most recently the Americans’ victory in Sochi highlighted by T.J. Oshie’s spectacular shootout performance. In an event like this, one can take in firsthand the sheer talent of some of the finest hockey players in the world, like Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Datsyuk of Russia and the Americans Zach Parise, Ryan McDonagh and Patrick Kane. Beyond what is happening on the ice is the ambience of a packed arena filled with the most avid of fans branching across many international backgrounds. — George Prezioso

To be standing at the finish line for all three races of the Triple Crown. (I might even collect a bit of dirt from each track.) — Kenny Solomon

Two World Series bleacher-seat tickets at Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs beat the Yankees in Game 7. — Craig Lobdell

A magical reappearance of my lefty Rawlings baseball glove, circa 1965. I just can’t think of a sweeter reminder of my youth. — John Tiebout

A copy of Action Comics No. 1 signed by Darryl Strawberry. — Eric G.

A Honus Wagner T206 baseball card or, if Santa wants to keep his, a 1933 Goudey Napoleon Lajoie. — Tim Lexvold

A No. 400 1957 Topps baseball card with the Brooklyn Dodgers sluggers Carl Furillo, Gil Hodges, Roy Campanella and Duke Snider kneeling with their bats at Ebbets Field. I like to remember times when the chief concern of the day was your favorite baseball team’s progress. — Daniel Begley

A mint-condition 1956 white-back Topps Mickey Mantle card. A great picture of the Mick in his best season, when he won the triple crown. — Jimmy Mack

Playing for my two favorite teams in a surrealistic manner. First, I dream, conservatively, to be the St. Louis Rams’ punter, of all things, and to be able to back up the opponents to their 1-yard line no matter where I kick from. These would be rainmaking kicks, especially in outdoor stadiums — gravity-defying spectacles that all fans would wait to see instead of boring touchdowns. Second, the Angels would get my services to watch me bring back the bloop pitch. Similar to the punts, these pitches would arc relatively high (25 feet) and be literally unhittable. I would travel by train between games in both sports to build good will for my franchises and to bring a P.T. Barnum atmosphere to the marketing of my favorite teams! — Charles W. Frick

To attend the Sri Lanka Cricket Tour of England next May and June. I love cricket, and I love Sri Lanka cricket. I attended my first match in London at Lord’s on May 31, 2014, and loved watching cricket in England. This is going to be an awesome tour — England is hot right now, but Sri Lanka has a young team that is coming together. Of course, I would also love to meet the team, since I didn’t have the chance at Lord’s. — K. Amarasinghe

To referee a three-on-three charity basketball game in Rucker Park featuring Steph Curry, Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant versus LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony. — Evan Vladem

I actually have a pretty simple wish. I would love to run out onto the field with the Mets’ defensive starters at the beginning of the game. It’s always an adrenaline rush to see the Mets take the field for the first time. “And here they are, as they take the field, your National League champion New York Mets!” the P.A. announcer blares out. Nothing in sports like it! — Anthony Furia

Truly a dream sports gift for my beautiful daughter Yvette: Super Bowl 50. If only she could witness her all-time favorite athlete, Peyton Manning, raising the Lombardi Trophy once again. She is only 19, but this avid NFL fan has attended all three Super Bowls her sports idol has played in. I’ll never forget her tears of joy at the tender age of 11 when Manning and the Colts won Super Bowl XLI in South Florida. Unfortunately, I recall tears and disbelief at MetLife Stadium just two years ago when Seattle dismantled the Broncos. Just one more opportunity for a truly great athlete, NFL ambassador and role model for women, men, boys and girls. — Tony Signore

A ’60s vintage Formula One racecar with a spares package. Preferably Lotus or Ferrari, but I’m not that picky. I’ll cover the shipping. Thank you for thinking of me! — Tom Berlin

To join thousands of other Mini car owners in the sport of driving the two-week, cross-country Mini Takes the States rally this summer, starting at Road Atlanta and ending at Thermal Club in Palm Springs. — Carrie McPhee

Courtside seats at the Dean Dome to watch Heels beat the Blue Devils. — Frank Sandler

To play tennis with Roger Federer. I am an 18-year-old tennis player, and Roger has been my idol since I started playing at age 6. He’s a champion and a gentleman, and someone I would love to meet and talk with. — Scott Battaglia

As a senior citizen, rallying with Roger Federer on a practice court at the U.S. Open tennis facility. — Alfred Kaplan

I am dreaming of receiving the gift of American football made obsolete instantly, to be replaced by world football, also called soccer. American football is not just an aggressive sport dangerous to its players, with its over-the-top rules, regulations and customs (breaks every few seconds to extend the game and offer more opportunities for commercials, to mention just one) — it is also a mind-damaging danger to its supporters. In soccer, the players work for two 45-minute halves without relief and practically without interference from coaches; there is just one of them standing outside the lines, who doesn’t need a headset and is smart enough to leave the initiative and decisions to the players themselves. — Ton Haak

I would hope to see Olympic dreams restored to millions of young girls by bringing softball back to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. — Don Porter

I would love to spend May in Indianapolis. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. Attendance at that race would be memorable. — S. Beasley

For Major League Baseball to take several steps so that typical games finish in under three hours. My gift would include: First, batters stay in the box; second, pitchers must deliver the ball within 15 to 18 seconds, with a clock displaying the time on scoreboards and home TV screens; third, breaks between half-innings are reduced to 60 seconds (big-screen viewers will see logo ads on all four edges of the screen, the way ESPN did it for 1994 World Cup); fourth, relief pitchers are required to finish a half-inning or face a minimum of two batters. — Wayne Baker

Spend a week with an NFL coach, to look over his shoulder to see firsthand how to manage and prepare a team to execute a strategy. I would then apply this knowledge to a work venture. — John Shupe

The Mets winning the World Series in the next 100 years, and the Cubs never winning the World Series. — tmarkbreiter

An all-access day in the life of Henrik Lundqvist as he prepares for a game. Get to tag along from start to finish, from the morning skate to the postgame locker room interviews. I mean, who doesn’t want to find out what it’s like to be Henrik Lundqvist, even if just for a day? — Stacy S.

A ticket to the Argentine Open Polo Championship. I grew up in Hurlingham, and we attended every polo match played at the Hurlingham Club polo grounds. We were even allowed to ride the “lesser” horses during the week.— Bren

As a lifelong New York sports fan, I dreamed of seeing the Yankees and the Mets in the World Series, and that was realized in 2000. Since then, my dream has been to see the Giants and the Jets in the Super Bowl. — Michael Marks

Attending a World Cup and seeing eight to 10 matches. Basically being George Vecsey. — Jon S.

I want to see Liverpool play at Anfield one day. I’ve tried more than a few times to get tickets, to no avail. I think I have a better chance of being appointed manager than finding tickets as a spectator. — David Dyte

Midfield ticket in Dortmund, Germany, for a game against Bayern Munich. — Jack Kirks

To have the football that Morten Andersen kicked to send the Falcons to the Super Bowl. — Zach Blend

I would absolutely love one of the Tour de France-winning bikes that adorn the halls of some of the big bike manufacturers like Specialized or Trek. — Collin

Playing in a four-man scramble at Royal County Down with Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day, followed by a few pints of Guinness at the local pub frequented by the caddies (not the club). — Jim Crane

Lunch with the surviving members of the 1961 Yankees. — Steven Tragash

My dream is for Peyton Manning to teach me how to throw a football, and for Adam Vinatieri to teach me how to kick a field goal. — Jane

To see my daughter pitch at Fenway. — Paul Gray

A VIP experience for two in Cooperstown when Derek Jeter is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in August 2019. My daughter, a softball player and Yankee fan, began asking me if the captain was Hall-worthy over 10 years ago. I would tell her, “Only time will tell,” but I also continued to point out how he played the game with grace and passion. I always said it was the intangibles that made him great. We made a pact back then that we’d be in Cooperstown if he were ever elected. Now that it’s a lock, I have four more years to figure out how to make that happen. — Mark Spina

Nothing would be better than being able to attend my 13th Michael Jordan Senior Flight School in Las Vegas. It was a basketball fantasy camp held from the mid-1990s until about 2009. The camp was for fantasy basketball players over 35, and each team had two famous basketball coaches. Coach K was my coach twice! Michael Jordan was really into this event, very friendly, open, trash-talking, and he really enjoyed the camp until he became obsessed with golf. — Garry Munson

Successfully shooting a world’s top-10-size whitetail buck deer in Kansas. — Robert

To quietly sit at a dinner table among Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry, Felipe Alou and Juan Marichal and listen to their recollections of the San Francisco Giants, and playing together on those teams in the 1960s. — Charles Thoeming

My dream is to have an all-session pass for swimming at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. — Alexis Long

I want all the amazingly talented Atlanta Braves whom the front office foolishly traded this year to come back so we can win in 2016. I also want the team to stay at Turner Field and not move to the new stadium in Cobb County. — Lisa Tsiopras

Watching my 6-year-old daughter walk out onto the pitch as a pregame mascot for Tottenham Hotspur. Bonus points if the match is a North London Derby played at White Hart Lane, and she is paired with Tottenham’s in-form striker Harry Kane. — Brian H.

I’m a New York City fly fisherman, and my dream sports gift would be a day on the water with a top guide chasing steelhead on the Salmon River in Pulaski, N.Y. Yes, Pulaski, N.Y. — not Rio, South Bend or Barcelona — is my dream sports destination. Funny what fly fishing does to your sensibilities. — Chaz

Going up the Canyon of Heroes on a float with the Mets, 2016 World Series champions. #mets #lgm #ibelieve — Susan Heit

I’d like to spend a Mets game in the broadcast booth with Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez. They are by far the most insightful and enjoyable baseball broadcast team, and who knows? Maybe I could chime in with some brilliant observation myself, and a new career is born! — Tova

Entry into the Kona Ironman. It’s extremely hard to earn a spot, and now perhaps impossible to lottery into. Still a lifetime bucket list event. — Cory S.

My dream gift is a monthlong sports binge. I would start June 27 at Wimbledon and spend a fortnight watching the best tennis players in the world. Then, on July 14, I would go to Ayershire, Scotland, and watch the world’s best golfers at Royal Troon compete for the Open Championship. Then off to Paris the next weekend for the finish of the Tour de France with the world’s best cyclists. — Robert

Pay-per-view for NFL games, so I can get rid of cable. Watching the NFL games is the only reason I keep my cable contract. — Lorna Gleason

A new, nonracist team name for my beloved Washington NFL franchise. It is way past time. Come on, Dan Snyder, make it happen! — Elizabeth J.

A trip in a time machine to watch Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig play for the Yankees, with my grandfather in the stands. And for a quarter, no less! Take that, current Yankees ticket prices! — Jon Stahl

Getting tickets for Super Bowl 50 right at midfield, and a pair of gloves signed by the teams (one of each, of course). — Santiago Sangeado

To sit in the Committee Box when Ireland next plays New Zealand in rugby. — Conor Hayden

The right to have first refusal for two tickets to any/every sporting event anywhere at face value. Forever. — Gerald

I want to know what it feels like to have the Oregon Ducks win the college football national championship. — Nickolaus Sugai

A five-a-side pickup soccer game: me, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suárez and Gerard Pique (I’ll go in goal) versus Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon. — Gary Peters

A season ticket to the New England Patriots for my single-mom daughter who has worked daily to send her own daughter to college to get her nursing degree. — SBH

Two tickets on the 50-yard line at Lambeau Field so my son and I can watch Notre Dame play Michigan in the Shamrock Series. — Dave from Baltimore

Enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix on a yacht in the Harbor. But first have a “drive around” with Ayrton Senna. — Josh

To have my husband, a Vietnam veteran, honored during the seventh-inning stretch with Mariano Rivera there. — Anne

To be an NHL linesman in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with my Los Angeles Kings participating. — Lovie Cashew

Ten box-seat tickets to the opening game of the next World Series that includes the Chicago Cubs. Why 10? So I can take my entire family — kids and grandkids. OK, I’ll settle for two. — Michael Malec

For someone who works in stadium design and construction, there is nothing more wishful than the idea of kicking off a football (soccer) match, just one more time, at the most historic venue in the world — the Colosseum in Rome. Forza! — Joshua A. Boren

A solid throw to home plate from Lucas Duda. — S.T.

I want to see the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony and build the team around Kristaps Porzingis. The kid has surpassed all expectations (except Phil Jackson’s). — Potterwon

I have been a baseball fan since I was 8. Or should I say, a Yankee fan since then? Anyway, I have always wanted to go to a World Series game. The Yankees wouldn’t have to be in it, although that would make it sweeter. — Steve Stavrou

A boxing ring. Me. Chase Utley. That is all. After what he did to shortstop Ruben Tejada, he is going to be hurt by someone (probably not me) soon. If it’s a Noah Syndergaard heater aimed at him, it would be a nice present. — Eli

The joy of seeing my son enjoy a Mets win in the World Series. Banal, perhaps, but I still carry the joy of 1969 in my heart and the magic of 1986, which came while he was a toddler. This year brought the happiness of the Series, true, but when the truly happy recap slipped away, I felt his pain. A young father himself now, I long to see him exult as I did, and to pass the joy on to our newest fan of the Orange and Blue. — Barry Spiegel

To sit down at a great Boston restaurant for an extended repast with several of my sports heroes and listen to them talk about sports and their place in the American (Boston) sports world. We would dine on great steaks, drink great bourbon and then smoke great Cuban cigars. Who would be at this table on this night? Yaz, Bobby, Bird, Bruschi, Belichick, Hannah and Pedro! — Alex Jevgrafovs

Watch a courtside Knicks game with Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom! — Mohammad Yusuf

Travel and entry to the following: the Two Oceans Marathon (South Africa), the Rio Marathon (Brazil) and the Australian Outback Marathon. I’ve completed marathons in North America, Asia, Europe and Antarctica already. — Barbara Bond