What Dan Quinn had to say after the win over Denver


What Dan Quinn had to say after the win over Denver

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Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn speaks after an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, in Denver. The Falcons won 23-16. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 23-16 win over the Denver Broncos:

Opening Statement

“Very good team win for us today. We knew this was going to be an old day fight and it certainly was. We got a lot of respect for the guys in the other locker room and the toughness they have. We came in expecting this one to be a hard fought game and it certainly was. I think our toughness and resiliency was certainly on hand and the guys totally battled. Special teams wise, to have four drive starts inside the twenty was a real factor. Defensively, we loved the versatility the guys had today. Having the ability to apply some pressure on the quarterback was a factor. I thought offensively the running backs really stole the show today, being a factor in both the run game and the passing, that’s when we’re at our best. Team win against a good team today and like I said, we knew it was going to be tough.”

On Falcons RB Tevin Coleman’s performance

“He did great in the game. The matchups were there if we could find some, and I think the guys did an excellent job of that both in the running game and passing game. Tevin came in well prepared, he was ready and he did good.”

On starting Falcons S Ishmael Kemal at linebacker

“We just love the versatility that we have and he’s one of our very best tacklers. We love to play zone and we can put him in at different spots. We came in today, someone who moves around a lot in the box, he plays a lot of that as a strong safety, so we just moved him in a little bit closer. The versatility of him, of [LB] LaRoy Reynolds and [LB Philip] Wheeler, [I’m] really pleased with that group and the toughness that they showed today.”

On his assessment of the pass rush today

“Number one, just finding the ability to finish some and we’re very pleased. We had the sudden change there at the end there and the two minutes at the half. We know that part of our game is a work in progress but I was pleased with what I saw out in the front today.”

On OLB Vic Beasley Jr.’s play today

“The get-off jumped out at me today. He really looked quick off the ball and playing here. We knew it was going to be a good environment and the speed off the ball was what set him off today.”

On converting twice on fourth down

“There was no hesitancy to go for it. We wanted to stay aggressive and that’s our mind set. We love to attack offensively; we have all the faith in Matt [Ryan]. We just wanted to go and keep attacking, and keep continuing to go so it is a part of what we do and we missed on the last one where they ended up coming back down and kicking the field goal but we’ll stay aggressive.”

On scoring more points throughout the four-win streak

“I just thought the team effort and when you have those kinds of performances where each hand has a real part of the win that’s when we’re certainly at our best. So sometimes if the offense has to outscore sometimes the defense today I thought they stepped up and a good challenge when we knew it was there. So really just a team effort which makes it stand out over these last four weeks.”

On keeping the team level-headed

“We reset. That’s what we do. We go through a process when we get ready to play ball and we love that process that we go through. It starts tomorrow. The actions that we do with the team and then we come back up right through the week and specifically regarding that our team works harder and harder. That’s our iron structure and that was certainly evident at practice this week how hard we go against each other to get ready. So that’s what makes a team, the ability to get ready. We’ll go right back to the process and get ready again.”

On how to avoid not repeating what happened after starting the season 5-0 last year

“The answer is it’s a different outfit. It’s a different group. We are mentally tougher than what we were. And we have a real ability to reset right after we get back to that process so that’s what’s different from last year to this year.”

On the physicality that Falcons SS Keanu Neal played with today

“He’s a real factor in how we want to play defense. I thought the combination between him and [Philip] Wheeler inside. We knew we were going to have to play some zone and he knew he really had to come through on some tackling. And that part of his game is continuing to get better – he missed a little bit there but now he’s starting to hit his stride.”

On the success of the team on fourth down

“I definitely didn’t think that at the time but I did recognize that however close and if it’s worth going for it here – we like the package we thought we had down there as far as the fourth down ball where it was on the field. So we thought it was worth the time right there and worth the risk. We weren’t thinking too far out in terms of the end of the game but we knew this game was going to be hard fought and points were going to be close – that we did know.”

On G Ben Garland playing defense today

“The versatility he has, he was defensive lineman in college. I tried it in practice and we were ready for it last week as well. He played a little bit on goal line about two weeks ago. Now anytime we need all hands on deck, the versatility for all players across the ball, it takes a lot of work. And Ben put the time in this week to get ready and help us with the base package.”

On the offense’s performance past four games

“I think it’s the balance. We have different guys that can get involved in the pass game and different guys that can get involved in the run game. We know the different matchups each week and sometimes you get an open way. But I think it’s the balance – the tights ends, the receivers that get involved as well.”

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