WATCH: Arkansas will beat the teams from Texas and Mississippi

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Welcome to SEC Country’s  daily Arkansas Razorbacks podcast. In this episode, John Nabors talks about how Arkansas should win their four games against the teams from Texas and Mississippi.

SEC Country launched the Borderline Erotic Podcast on Aug. 29, 2016. It is named after the colorful way coach Bret Bielema  described how he felt after Arkansas defeated Texas in the 2014 Texas Bowl.

Here is a rundown of some topics discussed in the 231st episode of the Borderline Erotic Podcast:

Arkansas should beat the 4 teams from Texas & Mississippi

Nabors started the podcast by discussing why Arkansas will beat TCU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. With the way the schedule sets up, the Razorbacks should be in great position to have success early. Getting a nine-day break before TCU and a bye week before Texas A&M gives them plenty of time to prepare. Arkansas has more talent than Ole Miss and Mississippi State. If the Hogs can win against those four opponents, they will be set up for a very successful season.

Featured Razorbacks walk-on: Connor McPherson

During fall camp, Nabors interviews and features a walk-on of the Razorbacks football team. The walk-on for Thursday is senior RB Connor McPherson.

Nonsense: Houston Nutt/Ole Miss update

In the nonsensical part of the podcast, Nabors brought up a nonsensical story about a U.S. district judge throwing out the Houston Nutt v. Ole Miss case. On the surface, it looked like it would be a major blow to Nutt’s case since it was thrown out. But Nutt’s lawyer Thomas Mars issued a statement saying they will refile with even more damning information.

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