Is there even a market for Matt Canada to leave LSU this offseason?

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Question of the Day: Tuesday, Nov. 28

LSU offensive coordinator Matt Canada is certainly the topic of the week after Ed Orgeron openly discussed the possibility of him departing for a head-coaching job.

As we mentioned Monday, Orgeron is treating this as a hypothetical scenario. Canada isn’t gone by any means, but Orgeron has to prepare for the possibility that he might leave. Still, there are plenty of questions out there about this situation — including this one from Max Toscano.

Chances Matt Canada stays?

Right now I would put the odds of Canada serving as LSU’s offensive coordinator in 2018 at 85 percent or higher. There just isn’t much of a market for him at the moment.

Earlier on Tuesday, the very reliable Football Scoop reported that Canada had contacted Rice with interest in its vacant coaching position.

If that strikes you as odd, that’s because it is. Usually it is the school or a search firm that initiates contact with a candidate. Canada’s approach feels a bit like someone asking out a girl in their math class who doesn’t even know their name, and the results would likely to turn out the same. (An updated version of the story indicated that Canada has since withdrawn his name from consideration.)

Canada doesn’t seem like a viable candidate for any current Group of 5 openings. But more of those jobs are poised to become available as jobs at Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas A&M and other schools get filled.

Canada clearly is a man who is ready to become his own boss. It sure seems that he recognizes that’s the best way to avoid a repeat of this season’s Troy episode. (In case you were on a polar expedition, Orgeron told him to cut down on the motion and shifts in the Troy game, to disastrous results. The experiment lasted one half.)

Canada isn’t going to leave for another offensive coordinator job because that would cost him. He would owe LSU 40 percent of his $1.5 million salary if he leaves for the same job within 500 miles of Baton Rouge, and 15 percent if he goes outside that radius.

So unless he’s so unhappy that he’d be willing to bail to become an FCS head coach, I expect we will see Canada return next season. If nothing else, he should be highly motivated to make it a great one.

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