Paul Finebaum crushes John Currie after botched Vols coaching search: ‘He didn’t do his homework’

Tennessee fans were angry on Sunday, but the majority of Vols fans got what they wanted in breaking up the reported agreement with Greg Schiano. And SEC Network personality Paul Finebaum was conflicted about that.

On one hand, the University of Tennessee alumnus was happy to see fans step up and have their voices heard.

“I’m conflicted on this,” Finebaum said during an interview with WJOX’s Opening Drive on Monday morning. “You know me. I’m probably the biggest advocate in the country for fans having a voice. My whole career in radio has been about giving folks the opportunity to speak. But I think there comes a point when the athletic director has to take charge.”

But Finebaum said he thought Vols fans, who delivered an onslaught of online and phone messages to the Tennessee administration in addition to protesting on campus, may have taken things a bit too far.

“I’m thrilled when fans express their opinion, but some of the things I read on Twitter yesterday disturbed me greatly. And I know people will say, well, what do you do every afternoon? But there’s a difference in speaking out and letting a mob rule. I thought that went away from this country a couple hundred years ago but yesterday that’s exactly what we saw on Twitter.”

While he may disagree with some of the actions taken by the fan base, that doesn’t mean he disagrees with the underlying sentiment about the actions of Vols AD John Currie during the coaching search.

“The biggest fault I find in John Currie is that he didn’t do his homework,” Finebaum explained. “Not only did he let Butch Jones linger there for way too long, which may or may not have distracted the search. I think it did. But he didn’t have a search firm. You can argue if it is worth the $50,000 or $100,000. I don’t know, but in this case it would have been. Quite frankly, all he had to do is use Google. On the way home one night just pop Greg Schiano’s name into Google and you would’ve found everything you need to know that could have been red flags.

“I’m torn. I don’t know Greg Schiano. I know people who would swear by him. I know people who are troubled by the allegations. I tend to think it’s a little bit of a stretch to link him to this case, although I understand the frustration on the other side of it. But to get to this point– to totally shoot blanks on Jon Gruden, which we all knew he would. To hang around for three days waiting for Dan Mullen to get the call from [Florida AD] Scott Stricklin when Scott Frost was going to be the backup for Chip Kelly. To get played by Dan Mullen, and then to use Greg Schiano as your third, or fourth or fifth choice without proper vetting is an embarrassment. That’s really where the issue is.”

Tennessee reportedly has broken off an agreement with Schiano, who serves under Urban Meyer as the Ohio State defensive coordinator, and will look elsewhere to fill the job vacated by Butch Jones after his midseason firing.

You can listen to the entire interview with Paul Finebaum here:

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