Miami Hurricanes hater Paul Finebaum: College football doesn’t need ‘The U’ to be back

When it comes to his loyalty, Paul Finebaum is unabashedly an SEC supporter.

The ESPN personality is known to stir the pot with fanbases from opposing conferences.

One of his main targets over the years has been Miami.

The 8-0 Hurricanes are coming off a major victory vs. Virginia Tech and have a showdown with Notre Dame looming at Hard Rock Stadium this Saturday.

The discussion of whether “The U” is back continues to escalate with each win this season.

However, Finebaum doesn’t even think the debate is relevant.

On his ESPN television show, when his co-host mentioned the possibility of Miami being back is better for college football because of the popularity of the Hurricanes brand, Finebaum vehemently shot down her opinion.

Well, you know I don’t completely buy that by the way. I don’t believe that Miami is one of those schools that has to be back to be good for college football. I’ve heard that debate about Penn State. Now, Penn State is an iconic name. Miami in the 80’s and 90’s was the dominant program in college football. They were it. They fell off the map and frankly I didn’t miss them that badly. Miami was known for all the wrong things. They won the titles and they probably could’ve had more but to me they were more of a black mark on college football.

Naturally, Finebaum was effusive in his praise for the job Miami coach Mark Richt has done. Richt spent 15 seasons in the SEC as the head coach at Georgia before returning to his alma mater in 2016.

“Miami has not had the country paying attention to them for so long for anything positive…I give Mark Richt a tip of the hat because he gets fired at Georgia. Fired. Look at him now.”

Finebaum is a long-standing member of the Miami haters list so the comments should come as no surprise.

And it’s not as if Miami needs any added motivation for their biggest game in over the last decade.

But any extra bulletin board material is never a bad thing.

Notre Dame-Miami is slated for an 8 p.m. (EST) kickoff and will be televised on ABC.

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