‘Indefinite’ suspension definitely right call for Arkansas, Cole Kelley


‘Indefinite’ suspension definitely right call for Arkansas, Cole Kelley

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Bret Bielema leaves possibility Cole Kelley could return this season

As predicted, lots of folks lost their minds when I said Cole Kelley would be removed from my team if I were a coach. What those people failed to read is the accompanying story that said Arkansas coach Bret Bielema shouldn’t do that.

Bielema didn’t. Arkansas’ fifth-year coach said during his usual Monday press conference that Kelley would be suspended indefinitely. The redshirt freshman quarterback was arrested for driving while intoxicated over the weekend, following the Razorbacks’ 33-10 loss to LSU.

Kelley won’t participate in any team activities this week, nor play Saturday against Mississippi State. That’s all we know right now. Bielema, as he has done with others who are suspended, set up guidelines with Kelley and said the quarterback must meet them in order to return to the team. So far, so good, Bielema said.

Almost no one actually believes Bielema will remove Kelley from the team outright, unless, of course, Kelley neglects the actions Bielema has told him to perform. As to whether Kelley will return for the season finale against Missouri the day after Thanksgiving, we don’t know that, either. Likely, we’ll find out at Bielema’s presser next Monday.

The move is the right call for a coach already under massive fire. Removing him from the program completely lays down the law but also leaves next year’s coach — whoever it may be — without any experience at quarterback. That’s excluding Ty Storey’s 4 career passing attempts. Such an act, too, would not go over well with the “he’s a kid [he isn’t] who made a mistake [he did]!” crowd.

For a coach already in a tenuous spot, that probably isn’t wise.

Bret Bielema says — again — Arkansas is close

Almost literally, Bielema saying how close his team is to being good or how he knows a turnaround is on the horizon, those are the last things the Arkansas fan base wants to hear.

They don’t want to hear that. Not anymore. It doesn’t even matter to fans if it’s true. The blowouts say otherwise and the blowouts are all any of us can see.

The flip side is, really, what do you want Bielema to say? The team has quit? They’re folding up shop? While the jokes will come — “They’ve already quit on this season” — that isn’t actually true. They’re still trying to win. All of them. Bielema included.


  • You can check our Borderline Erotic podcast every Monday through Friday with host John Nabors. This is the episode where he says this Arkansas team is the worst of the millennium.
  • Most other years Andrew Benintendi would have been a rather easy choice for Rookie of the Year. The former Diamond Hogs outfielder, though, had the misfortune of being a rookie the same year Aaron Judge was. Benintendi was second in American League ROY honors, it was announced Monday.
  • Bielema didn’t bust the chops of any particular media member Monday. Not really. It was a question whether he would. Seems like some are waiting for a meltdown. I highly doubt one is coming. Bielema simply isn’t that kind of guy.
  • The Razorbacks need to poach a few players out of the state of Louisiana in every recruiting class. It’s somewhat unusual to see LSU head up to the Natural State to get players, but that’s what’s happening.

Tweets and the like

• Ohhhh, dear. This is not good.

• For those who think Arkansas basketball should get back to its glory days, here you go. They’re kind of there. In a way. Sort of. Not really.

• Blake Eddins is a former Arkansas basketball player from the Nolan Richardson days. Well-liked around these parts. Good tweet here for the “old-timers.”

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