Georgia great A.J. Green reveals SEC-dominated Top-5 toughest cornerbacks he’s every faced

A.J. Green is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

Since he entered the league as a rookie in 2011, the former Georgia star has gone step-for-step and catch-for-catch with another SEC standout and member of that same draft class, Alabama’s Julio Jones.

The two talented wideouts have shredded NFL defenses during their careers, and Green has shed some light on the defenders who have made life most difficult for him in the pros.

In an article published Thursday morning on The Players’ Tribune, Green revealed a list of the five toughest cornerbacks he has ever faced. He gave no particular 1-5 rank, but what stands out is that the majority of the list played in the SEC.

Here they are with a sample of Green’s thoughts on them.

Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals, LSU

“Straight off the bat, you know that Pat isn’t going to let you have the Go ball,” Green says. “As a receiver, you’re always trying to set corners up for the Go ball. He’s going to line up right on top of you. If you run a Go, he has the ability to stay with you stride for stride on your inside shoulder the whole time. Even if you get a step on him, he’s strong enough to lean on you just enough to disrupt your balance and timing.”

Joe Haden, Pittsburgh Steelers, Florida

“This guy has got the longest arms I’ve ever seen on a corner his size,” says Green. “I remember the first time I lined up across from him in college, I looked down and his fingers were almost touching his ankles. He’s dangerous because he’s only 5′ 11″, but he’s got a surprisingly long reach…Joe knows that you only got two seconds to do your work. So Joe knows that if he can just disrupt your first two steps off the line, he’s got you. He’s probably the best there is at knocking you off your route just a little bit — just enough where the ball is a half second early or a half second late. This is the kind of stuff that doesn’t always make the highlights, but that you appreciate as a player.”

Janoris Jenkins, New York Giants, Florida

“Janoris isn’t going to jam you, he’s going to sit back and read you until you make a mistake,” Green says. “What makes him so dangerous is that he doesn’t care if he gets beat. He lets you do your thing and then he reads your hips and the quarterback’s eyes to decide when to jump on the route. His instincts are the best in the NFL, and he’s extremely quick. Extremely quick…The other thing with him is that he might change the game with a corner blitz or a strip or a blocked field goal. He’s one of the most dynamic players in the game right now.”

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