Watch live: April the giraffe moody, still pregnant but ‘continues to progress’


Watch live: April the giraffe moody, still pregnant but ‘continues to progress’

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Animal Adventure Park

Caretakers at Animal Adventure Park in New York are reporting that viral sensation April the giraffe, who is pregnant with her fourth calf, is still not in labor but "continues to progress.”

According to vet reports posted on the park’s Facebook page Saturday, the baby had settled down significantly since the last update when the mommy-to-be was experiencing significant kicks. 

On Friday night, keepers observed that April was moody as milk had begun to fill the right udders and back end swelling had continued to “maintain a significant size.”

The little one continued to do “calf giraffe cartwheels,” and they witnessed April napping beside her bundle of joy with her extended back head onto her abdomen.

Millions of people around the world have been tuning into the much-anticipated live birth, which first started making headlines last month after YouTube briefly took the zoo's livestream down after animal activists complained the video violated policies against “nudity and sexual content.”

But after the zoo urged commenters to voice their frustrations — and thousands did — YouTube restored the stream within an hour.

The park said it expects the calf, which will be born to April and 5-year-old Oliver, will weigh about 150 pounds and will be nearly six feet tall when it is born.

Continue watching the live cam of April the giraffe below:

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