Schwall, Emory

SCHWALL, Sr., Emory

Emory Ashford Schwall, Sr. passed away on Father's Day, June 20, 2021 at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta. He was born on April 11, 1928 in Moultrie, Georgia. Emory was an only child born to his wonderful and loving parents, Laurie Washington "L.W." Schwall and Kathryn Quinn Schwall. He graduated from an 11-grade high school in 1945. He then came to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech seeking to begin a career in residential architecture. His goal was to emulate the legendary architects Neel Reid and Philip Schutze. After learning that architecture was not his calling, he worked at Davidson's Department Store in downtown Atlanta. There he met a famous lawyer by the name of Houston White. Mr. White moved Emory into his home in Red Oak and began teaching him the Law. Mr. White took Emory on as his apprentice. He "READ" the Law. Mr. White asked his friends, who taught at Night Law School at Woodrow Wilson to allow Emory to take their exams. He simply said, "I have taught Emory the Law for your course." Emory also attended night law school at Emory University. He is listed as a graduate of Woodrow Wilson Law School despite never having graduated from college. Emory was admitted to the state bar of Georgia in February of 1950 at the age of 21. He had a stellar career as an attorney for 70 years. He met the love of his life, Margaret McCready "Peggy" Schwall at Grant Field at Georgia Tech in the late 1940's. Emory played the clarinet in the Tech Marching Band. Emory met Peggy at midfield at the Tech/Auburn game. Peggy was a student at NAPS, North Avenue Presbyterian School that became Westminster. They married on June 9, 1951. They became a storybook romance. They truly were best friends, lovers and incredibly devoted to each other for life. Peggy passed away September 30, 2002 suddenly. Emory was so loyal and devoted to Peggy as his soul mate that he wore his wedding ring until he passed. They were devoted to charities that helped eliminate human suffering namely the Shepherd Center, Heart Association, Piedmont Hospital, and Arthritis Association. Peggy's best friend in High School and at Stephens College in Missouri was Alana Shepherd, founder of The Shepherd Center. Peggy and Emory were lifelong friends of the Shepherd Family. Emory was a founding board member of Shepherd. Emory and Peggy were entirely devoted to Shepherd. In fact, Emory donated Peggy's exquisite jewelry for the benefit of Shepherd. Peggy and Emory were very well known philanthropists. Emory enjoyed a successful career as a Lawyer. He was well known for his talents as a trial Lawyer. A tremendous oralist with a keen intellect and sharp wit and sense of humor. Emory's reputation for kindness and integrity landed him the title "True Southern Gentleman". Emory and Peggy were original members of Cherokee Town and Country Club. They were instrumental in the early days of Trinity Presbyterian Church. They were founding members of Shepherd Center. Emory followed in Peggy's footsteps as chair of the Medical Heritage Society's Board. Emory was instrumental in the preservation of the property and sale to the Georgia Tech Foundation. Peggy and Emory were proud parents to three sons: Emory Ashford Schwall, Jr. (Claire), Harrison McCready Schwall (Karen), and Judge Craig Laurence Schwall, Sr. (Leigh). Grandchildren include Emory Ashford Schwall, III, Malcom Peterson Schwall, Craig Laurence Schwall, Jr., and Austin McCready Schwall. Emory joins the love of his life, Peggy, 51 1/2 years of marriage, in Heaven. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Shepherd Center. Visitation will be Thursday, June 24, 2021 from 12 Noon- 2 PM at Trinity Presbyterian Church, service will follow at 2 PM at Trinity. Visitation in Williams Hall before and after the service. Interment will be Friday, June 25, 2021, family only.

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