Moore, Deborah

The Moore Family

Just want to acknowledge each of you.

This is a game called real or fake? Certain family members have plain hoodwinked, bamboozled, the Church and even the Court System. A member and her husband stayed for one year completely free of charge. Including utilities. I built the same family member in-Law Suite or Carriage House from the ground up. She rewarded me by advertising and starting an illegal church. Family purchased house February 1965. Father leaves job November 1967. Mom only 27 years old five (5) children now is main source of income. Yet, God provided. Son purchase house full price 1990 and paying house note ever since. Same family member hand still out. Where is my inheritance? How can those from the outside understand how this family operates when it comes to matters of Faith and the holy scriptures without at least hearing from more than one single voice? I wonder? It hurts. No family should be judged by one voice. Recently, I lost a close friend that was absolutely afraid whenever I called or came to her house. She was no ordained prophet or prophetess. However, she could tell me exactly what I had on. I was denied supporting a close friend in her battle with cancer. I wonder why? Was it fair? I told my psychiatrist my phone was taped. Should have seen his face. My computer as well. Therefore I google everything under the sun to keep them guessing. I once filed for bankruptcy. I recently looked at an email from the Trustee that read he was sending some information to the DOJ and a friend because of so much suspicious activity in my case. Go figure. The Trustee does not know? Few years back an ex-girlfriend got married. My entire family went. Finally gets pregnant. She looks to be (7) months. Ask to stop by for advice. Should she get a divorce? I listen. My advice, NO. Not one good reason. She leaves. Two years later I'm working on house Saturday evening, getting ready for Open House for Rent. Sister brings her to a house I'm working on. She hands me a cassette tape. Deborah Cox's 'We Can't Be Friends Because I'm Still In Love With You.' My cassette deck I'm listening to Boyz II Men 'I'm Doing Just Fine Without You In MY LIfe.' Confidence is great. But, you stop by a person's home unnanounced. Homeowner has a guest more attractive and 15 years younger. However, I destroyed a marriage. I ran for 3 months. That first night, just three weeks later her sister called to say she had a miscarriage. Knew it was mine. You never saw a man run so fast to his classmate's office shaking. Save me. She smiled. I said I know her better than you. She don't play fair. She kept things, refused to give them back so others she told attempt to embarrass me. She had (1) item. I have nearly (10). She knew I would not do anything that could or would embarrass her daughter in any fashion. It's just not in me. She knew that too. So I kept quiet all these years. I am surprised of her sister and niece. I was there when she was born. The little get together at the Steakhouse in Stone Crest was just to poke some additional fun. Why from her sister and niece? Now, do her sister and cousin know everything? Do they know about my friend in Marietta. I know I spoke with both of them together. Did the brother really stoop so low without knowing it? Did she really call me crying? Does my ex-girlfriend's sister and cousin know about my friend from APD? When they shared an apartment on Bouldercrest Rd.? Now, let's add a twist. Could it be that the family member and ex-girlfriend got together like the (2) women got together and ask the King for John the Baptist Head. This time my head? There you have it. A little game to play. Is it true or false? Is it part true and false? Inquiring minds would like to know. Good luck. One last point... If any of this is true... Every single person is entitled just as I, they are free to apply Philippians 3:13 and 14. Peace and Blessings!