Kincaid, Carole

KINCAID, Carole W.

Early Sunday morning, June 26, 2022 marked the passing of Carole W. Kincaid of Tucker, GA, born April 17, 1947. She was the second daughter to the proud parents Herbert C. and Orabel Shedd Williams. She is survived by her husband, Joseph (her biggest cheerleader); her sister, Patricia McDonald; and her loving family of Lebanon, TN. Carole was stunningly beautiful and poised, wherever she was, she had a presence that filled the room. Among her long list of talents, her shine grew even brighter in the kitchen; just ask anyone about her famous potato salad or her turkey dressing she made from scratch, and her husband of 40 years wouldn't even think of going to a regular barber, as she was a barber extraordinaire. She was also gifted with a love for dogs and early on had a love for speed reading, especially mystery novels. It was nothing for her to finish reading a book in two days. She also possessed an extensive memory of her family genealogy, recalling stats about ancestors going back for generations. This love for reading laid the foundation for her brilliant mind, of which it was said, "her uncanny intelligence had never really ever been tapped." Her husband often told her she should've been a detective, saying, "no telling how many unsolved mysteries she could have solved for the world." When she was reading her mysteries or watching a mystery show on television, she always knew who-done-it, long before she ever got to the end.

She had many illustrious careers, but most strikingly, she had been a troubleshooter for Bank of America for the entire southeast United States. She was an accounting genius, they would fly Carole in to unravel mysteries on why accounts wouldn't balance. The bank learned of her "gift" when she balanced the trust account of the owner of one of the largest newspaper enterprises in the United States on her one-hour lunch break one day - what scores of high-ranking bank officers that hadn't been able to solve for weeks. She was also the bank editor of their trust department newsletter, "Trustline".

When she retired from being a Trust Officer, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida and worked for the State of Florida Department of Children and Family Services. Before being hired she was required to take an aptitude test, on which she scored so high they thought somehow she had cheated because no one in the history of Florida had ever achieved such a high mark. The state had to eventually develop a new test. She went on to be Secretary of the head administrator of DCF.

Of all things she was proud of, she was most proud of her faith in Jesus Christ her Savior, to whom she credits all her success and inner strength-she was such a fighter! Secondly, of being a mother to her fabulous son, Michael John. Carole was once asked to what single most important thing she attributed her incredible legacy to, which people immediately braced themselves for an answer of overwhelming magnitude, only to hear her humbly reply, "ever since I was born, I have always been loved." A deep-reaching lesson to us all; when raising our greatest gifts from God...children. Carole is with Jesus now and will be sorely missed, as she touched us all with her remarkable warmth and love for others. Jesus Saves.